Skinny Jeans And All

If you’re one of those mom’s who’s (annoyingly) svelte after having birthed several kids, don’t bother reading this post. If you’re still reading, trust me when I say this: I’ve found some amazing body shaping, tummy flattening, butt lifting skinny jeans. I know, I know. It sounds cheesy, but they are far from being typical “mom jeans” and, I swear, make you look at least one, probably two, sizes smaller instantly.  At long last, designers have caught on to the fact that many women (actually, most in my opinion) look horrible in low-rise jeans. I, for one, don’t need my undies hanging out of the back of my jeans while my tummy spills over the front whenever I bend over to pick up my daughter. (Not a pretty thought, but it’s the naked truth, literally.) Not only that, but when I’m on the run the whole day, I need clothes that make me feel confident and I don’t have to fuss over.

So, here are my favorite body shaping skinny jeans:

NYDJ Jeans, $88 to $150. It’s no wonder NYDJ is the fastest growing jeans company in the country. They were really the first to realize women want jeans that not only fit them, but help shape them and look stylish. And if Katie Holmes, Kelly Rutherford and Padma Lakshmi (shown at top) are proud to show off their NYDJ’s, so am I! The jean design’s secret sauce is a Lift Tuck Technology the pushes your tush up and presses your gut in. Each season they come out with a ton of new colors, patterns, finishes, etc. If you haven’t tried them yet, just know that you should buy one size smaller than your regular size—they run big. Here are some styles that are really hot right now: 1.) Angelina Legging in Coated Denim in Black, $140. 2) Angelina Legging in Rosemary, $120. 3.) Alisha Fitted Ankle in Watercolor Floral, $98.

skinny legs 3 body image


Topshop Moto Indigo Kristen High Waist Jean, $80. These are almost like a bra for your tummy, if you get that. The waist is above your belly button so the super soft stretchy fabric (98% cotton and 2% elastane) flattens your entire midsection without creating ugly love handles that spill over. Also, the legs are super skinny, which makes you look long and lean. I could live in them! This dark blue indigo hue is my fave, but they come in a few other colors.

skinny legs 3 body image b


Do you have a pair of jeans that make you look skinnier? Please spill those deets stat!

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