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The Trick To A Great At-Home Haircut

I love Amelia’s hair when it’s long. It’s so thick and shiny—but that’s only when she combs it, which is NEVER. (I bribed her with M&Ms to take this photo.) We both decided it was time for her to go a little shorter so that we can take a break from me chasing her menacingly waving a brush and her telling me that I love to torture her by ripping her tangles. But this time, I just wasn’t up for the kids’ hair salon outing. While I do appreciate kids hair salons like Cozy’s Cuts, equipped with personal DVDs and stocked with fun toys, I just wanted to get the job done without a lot of distraction (and extra costs).

I’ve cut Amelia’s hair a few times at home and have found these tips to be extremely helpful:

1. Just like in the salon, wash and condition your kid’s hair first. If she refuses to get in the shower, then dampen it with water and comb a leave-in detangling spray.

2. Use proper hair trimming scissors, like these Tweezerman Spirit 2000 Styling Shears, $30. They are super sharp and make cutting hair as easy as slicing butter. Just make sure you keep them out of reach when you’re done—these blades are not for arts and crafts time.

3. Clip the top half of her hair up first, then start trimming the under layers. Work on small sections, making sure to keep the length even.

4. The Cricket Carbon Straightening Comb, $8, is meant to be used when you’re sectioning your hair while using a flat iron, but it’s very helpful when doing an at-home haircut. It easily lifts up sections and pulls hair taught, so you can precisely snip straight lines.

5. Once you’re done cutting, blow-dry it or let it air dry. Next, brush it out and fix any uneven areas or create some gentle layers with a few small snips on dry hair. It’s always better to cut just a little bit, then go back and do more if needed.

Do you ever cut your kids hair at home? Tell us your tricks too!

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  2. Cheryl says:

    I just started doing my boys a few weeks ago. I was tired of spending money on poorly cut haircuts at the barber. I watched some YouTube videos and decided it was time once they were out of school for the summer. Younger one was easier, all one length with the 1/2 attachment, the older one wanted longer on top, so my boyfriend who was supervising/showing me techniques took over and did the scissor over comb cutting. He has been cutting my hair for awhile and it gave me the courage to try being he said he would help me. Haircuts came out great! I figure I will save hundreds of dollars each year between their haircuts and mine being done at home. I don’t miss the hassle or expense of the trips to the barbershop or the salon , and the haircuts look great :)

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