Good Makeup Brushes Speed Up Your Primping Routine

I don’t think many women realize just how helpful it is to use high quality makeup brushes. I’ve spotted quite a few of my friends (some in the beauty industry, tisk, tisk) using makeup brushes that are a gazillion years old, have probably never been washed and have bristles worthy of a Brillo pad. But the reality is that whether you wear CoverGirl or Chanel makeup, using high quality makeup brushes to apply it helps blend everything seamlessly, thus preventing goofs and making everything look ten times better in about half the amount of time. A well made makeup brush picks up just the right amount of product and the bristles should feel as soft as angel kisses.

But making the case for investing in good makeup brushes, doesn’t mean I’m now going to say you have to go spend hundreds of dollars. Sephora has recently revamped their PRO makeup brushes and they are fantastic and affordable. I find the Sephora Pro Brushes to be just as good as MAC makeup brushes (you can never go wrong with those), but they cost about 25% less. The bristles are hand-shaped and hand-cut and feel super soft, whether they are natural or synthetic. And the elongated and tapered handles make them very easy to hold and maneuver.

The collection has 40 different kinds of makeup brushes, but here are my top three picks:

1. Sephora Pro Kabuki Brush #43, $36.
This small, chubby face powder brush is a master multi-tasker. It’s the only brush I have in my makeup bag because it works for both blush and bronzer and the size makes it really portable.

2. Sephora Pro Eye Shadow Crease Brush # 10, $20.
A soft, tapered eyeshadow brush like this one makes it really easy to blend color into your creases to add depth and dimension to your eyes. Remember, use dark colors in your crease, and a complementary lighter shade on your brow bones.

3. Sephora Pro Brush Brown Comb #21, $14.
I love using the natural, boar-bristle brush to groom eyebrows into place and it does a great job of blending in brow color. On the other end, the metal lash comb means business when it comes to brushing out clumps and separating lashes.

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