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Spa Party! At-Home Facial Masks For Girls

Did you know that the Girl Scouts has a “Spa Party” badge? I had no idea until Amelia came home waving it in the air and raving about how much fun she had making facial masks with food ingredients, especially chocolate (that’s my girl!). She immediately wanted to raid the kitchen cabinets to crank out even more facial masks. “The more freedom the girls had with the ingredients, the more they learned and had fun experimenting with textures, smells and mixing them all together,” says NYC skin pro Jillian Wright, founder of Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa and Brownie mom, who hosted the event.

For the spa-inspired meet, Jillian brought ingredients that would be gentle on the skin and fun to mix together: avocado (hydrating), papaya (exfoliating), organic yogurt (softening and hydrating), coconut juice (nourishing), cocoa powder (anti-oxidant), honey (humectant), banana (rich in minerals), cucumber (soothing) and pumpkin puree (exfoliating). “I explained what each ingredient did and they could use whatever they wanted. The consistency has be thicker than mustard, but not too chunky. I wanted to give them the liberty to discover the ingredients on their own, mash it between their fingertips, taste it, play and have fun.  This is the true way to learn and retain that information.  That was the point!,” says Jillian. “They loved ALL the ingredients so much, there was NOTHING left!”

Want to play kitchen beautician with your kids? If you need to give more guidance or want to narrow down the shopping list for facial masks, Jillian’s favorite combinations are: banana and honey; yogurt and cocoa; avocado, papaya and honey. Apply the mixture to clean skin, leave it on for five minutes, then rinse.  “You can also cover your face with a cold or warm towel.  Cold is calming and soothing, while warm is penetrating. My favorite ‘towel’ is a thick unbleached cloth diaper in the toddler size.  We use them at the spa by infusing them with aromatherapy and keeping them in the fridge.  At home, you can soak the diaper in water, wring it out and heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds,” says Jillian. Genius!

Spa Party With Jillian Wright

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