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Alert! Sun Damaged Skin Can Hamper Your Sense Of Touch

Don’t you just absolutely cherish those moments on the beach when your kid stops running around everywhere to snuggle up with you for a little rest? It’s rare, but it’s heaven for every minute it lasts. There is nothing more scrumptious than the soft skin of your own baby, not matter how old he or she is!

So, now here’s the bad news: Sun damaged skin can ruin that pleasure. It can actually hamper the pleasure you get from anyone touching you in a loving manner. At a recent Neutrogena Sun Summit that I attended, I was floored to learn about this. “One of the dirty secrets is that as sun damages skin, it often also alters sensation. The skin gets very sensitive and uncomfortable more easily. One of the things I hear from patients in thier 30s, 40s and 50s, is that when they are touched, it just doesn’t feel right. Partly because of sensation, partly because of self-perception that says ‘I don’t feel attractive with brown spots and goose flesh.’ So sun damage interferes with our ability to feel and experience affection and acceptance,” says Dr. Richard Fried, M.D., Ph.D, Clinical Director of Yardley Dermatology.

Frightening, right? So, read up on How To Apply Sunscreen So It Really Works  and How To Apply Sunscreen To Your Kids so you can make sure this scary scenario won’t happen to you and your family.

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