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How To Spend Less Time Getting Your Hair Color Done

Does anyone else get annoyed by how long it takes to get your hair color done? Sometimes it takes up to three hours. That’s insane! I was so pleasantly surprised by how fast Kyle White, Head Colorist of the Oscar Blandi Salon, works his magic. He gave me a full head of gorgeous blonde highlights in less than an hour. And he’s the best of the best in NYC—Megan Hilty, Mariah Carey, Sienna Miller, Kate Winslet are among is A+ clientele. So is Lauren Weisberger, author of Revenge Wears Prada, shown above with Kyle at the book party he recently threw for her. (BTW, at the party, Lauren told me she had horrible morning sickness throughout writing the first half of the book. The agony!) So, I had to ask Kyle, what makes him so fast and how can you find other colorists who are as speedy as him?

Here’s what we hashed out:

• Get trustworthy recommendations. Start by asking your friends if they know of a really good fast colorist. “Fast is only great if the color is great. Just like anything else, start within your own social network, because they probably have similar tastes as you,” advises Kyle. You could call a salon directly and ask the receptionist for a recommendation, but they’re usually trying to build up the clientele of new talent in the salon, so their suggestions may not be totally accurate. Of course, search the web too for customer reviews.

• Minimize the chit chat. The number one thing that slows down a colorist: constant yapping. “Some colorists can’t do two things at the same time. If he’s talking more than he’s working on your hair, don’t be shy to say, ‘I’m so sorry but this is my magazine time’ or ‘I have to catch up on my emails,” says Kyle. Most colorists will get it right away and be quiet without getting offended.

• Communicate your time constraints. You’ll have a better chance of getting out of there fast if they know that you don’t have all day to kill. Make sure whoever blow dries your hair knows the clock is ticking too.

• Stretch out your time between visits. It’s less painful to go to the salon when you don’t have to go as often. “To get great hair color that doesn’t grow out too fast, don’t stray more than a few shades from your natural base. If you get highlights, ask for a nice pop of bright color in the front, then wider weaves in the back. The back will grow out gradually, and you can just retouch the front when needed—that’s super fast,” says White. Also, avoid shampooing every day. Just use a dry shampoo instead. His pick: Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, $21.

I have a ton of more tips from Kyle on how to make your hair color last as long as possible. Stay tuned…

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