Best Root Touch Up Products: Rita Hazan Root Concealer and Oscar Blandi Root Touch Up

The Trick To Finding Your Best Root Touch-Up Concealer

In the June issue of Women’s Health, I wrote a beauty feature, Give Your Roots The Boot, which took a deep dive into all the root touch-up tricks and sneaky hairstyling tips that you can do at the first sign of regrowth. Thank god there are so many great new root touch-up concealers because who has the time and money to run to the salon and the first sight of grey, or if you’re blonde, darker roots. But do you know how to tell which root touch up is right for you? Here’s what I learned: Spray and powder root touch-up products are good if you have oily roots because they can be slightly mattifying, in a good way. A winner: Rita Hazan Root Concealer, $25. On the flip side, if you have dry roots, then try using a pen or mascara wand type which dispense a creamier formula. My fave:  Oscar Blandi Root Touch Up & Highlighting Pen, $23. Now go pick up that Women’s Health issue to scoop more sneaky tricks!

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