Self August Issue 2013 Save Your Skin by Rachel Hayes

This Instant Wrinkle Fix Is So Simple, You’ll Be Amazed!

Vaseline Coco Butter Lip Therapy Travel SizeI researched and wrote an anti-aging skincare article in the August 2013 issue of Self  (it just hit newsstands!) and spent a lot of time chatting with some of New York City’s best dermatologists, like Dr. Jeannette Graf, Dr. Neal Schultz, and Dr. Ellen Marmur. Of course, I can’t spill the beans on all the great info that’s in the article, but I’ll share this one instant wrinkle fix that I thought was so genius, so simple, and so effective, I was really impressed—and all it requires is a dab of Vaseline.

Here it is: If you want to instantly reduce the appearance of a wrinkle, put a dab of Vaseline on the tip of your finger and rub it right into the wrinkle for about a minute. Go ahead and use a lot of pressure and literally try to push the Vaseline into the wrinkle. The combined actions of rubbing, which temporarily causes your skin to swell up a bit, and moisturizing, which plumps up the wrinkle, will immediately reduce the depth of the wrinkle, making it less visible. But beware—this wrinkle fix has a Cinderella shelf-life and dissipates in a few hours. So now I carry around this cute little travel size jar of Vaseline in my makeup kit and rub it on furiously right before I walk into a big meeting or while I’m getting ready for a fun night out. Try it! And go pick up the August issue of Self to get more anti-aging beauty tips on how to slow down and minimize fine lines, dark circles, dullness and brown spots—blech to all of them!

P.S. I found the travel size of Vaseline at Bed, Bath and Beyond, which I think has one of the largest assortment of travel size products I’ve ever seen. It’s really fun to shop it.

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