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The Rashguard As Beach Cover Up

Few of us probably feel honestly confident and comfortable running after our kids in a bathing suit—even though we should be! And while I’m a fan of figure-flattering one-pieces (see Summer Must-Have: New Shapewear Swimsuits), here’s another strategy from supermom Kate Foster: She wears a long sleeve rashguard that’s one size larger than her regular size over her bikini as a beach cover up. “I burn so easily that I wear a rashguards to protect myself from the sun. But I get it just little bit loose so that I’m comfortable when I’m running after my daughter Ryan. It’s great because you can wear it swimming or playing and I love having that extra coverage,” says Kate. Her picks: O’Neill Skins Long Sleeve Women’s Rashguard, $50, and J. Crew Polka-Dot Bikini, $30.

She also turned me on to a great sunscreen for kids: MD Moms Babysafe SPF 30 Towelettes, $26. They’re developed by pediatrician moms and contain pure physical (titanium dioxide & zinc oxide) non-chemical, broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. They’re also water-resistant (80 minutes) and clinically proven to be non-irritating to your eyes and can be used on young infants, even under 6 months. The cloths are so soft and also have Vitamins E and B5, marine silk, aloe and oat, you’ll love the way they feel too. They make reapplying sunscreen to your kids—and yourself—super easy.

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