Troy Peppin Shares Quick Styling Tips For Dirty Hair


It has taken me a while to master skip-the-shampoo days, but because there are often those mornings when I can’t do the whole 30-minute hairstyling routine, I’ve had to learn how to make dirty hair look new. And “master” is probably too confident of a word. But I’ve recently picked up these tricks from Troy Peppin, an amazing hairstylist who was at the launch event for the new Klorane Seboregulating Dry Shampoo With Nettle, $18. (BTW, the original Klorane Dry Shampoo is a pro stylist favorite I’ve spotted countless times backstage at Fashion Week and on photo shoots. This new version with Nettle is almost the same but specifically for oily hair, so it instantly makes greasy roots look soft and airy. It’s fab.)


Spray dray shampoo directly at your roots while lifting your hair up.


Here are two sneaky tips I learned:

1. Cool down your hair quickly using the vent of the dryer. When you blow-dry hair that is already dry to style it a bit, your hair can get hot very quickly, which can cause dry, damaged, brittle hair. As soon as you’re done blasting a section with heat, flip the dryer around and “suck the heat” out of it using the vent. “The back end of the dryer pulls air into it, so if you place hair that’s really hot right up to it, it’ll literally take the heat out,” explains Troy. Of course, this only works if the cover of the vent is safely intact, otherwise your hair will get sucked in and cause a total mess. This is also a great way to cool down hot rollers and pincurls or to quickly smooth your ends and hide split-ends, which is what Troy is doing in the top image.

2. Hold your hair taught and straight when you use dry shampoo.  When I used dry shampoo, I’d typically just shuffle my hair around while spraying it at the roots, and maybe flip my head upside down. But Troy suggests that you actually pull a section of hair taught so you can hit the roots evenly and get to the scalp. “Hold the top sections of your hair straight up to build volume, hit the roots with the dry shampoo, then immediately blow dry it to work the dry shampoo in and absorb oil,” says Troy. Also, be sure to hold the can of dry shampoo about  8 to 12 inches away from your hair to avoid product overload.

Genius, no? Do you have any day-after hair tips you’d like to share?

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