Painted Jeans DIY

Denim Trend: Painted Jeans DIY

Always the one to have fun with fashion trends, supermom Melissa Stone Mangham of The Style Network just made this awesome video on how to customize your jeans with paint. While denim designers like Ernest Sewn Jeans and Joes Jeans are selling paint-splattered jeans for over $150, you can do this painted jeans DIY for a fraction of the cost. Even better, do it with your daughter for some creative, fun mommy and me time.

All you need is a pair of inexpensive jeans (think Old Navy, Target, etc.) and a few different colors of fabric paint, which you can find at any art supply store. Get the fabric paint that comes in small tubes that you squeeze out, like this one. To avoid making a mess of your living room, set up your project outside. Lay the jeans flat on the ground, and then squiggle on one color on at a time. “Don’t try too hard to make it perfect. It’ll be way more fun if you just go a little bit crazy,” says Melissa. Once you’re done making squiggles, then squirt on a few dots for a splattered effect. Let the front dry for a couple of hours, then flip the jeans over and do the other side. Let the jeans dry overnight. The next day, turn them inside out and iron them on a high temperature to set the paint, then go ahead and wear and wash them with pride!

Watch how much fun Melissa and her daughter Phoebe had doing this painted jeans DIY:

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  1. Haynes says:

    This is great…Mommy and daughter day event. Thanks for giving us this great, inexpensive way to have some fun with our kids and make a plain pair of jeans ROCK! I am going to try this myself, as my little me is now “21” and she has taken to bigger and better activities without the company of the MOMMA! GO Phoebe! Go Melissa…you both look great! And so do your jeans!!!

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