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Redness Relief Skincare Tips That Work

Ever since I had Lucy, my second child, running has been the best workout for my unpredictable schedule and daunting weight loss goals. That’s because I can do it whenever I can squeeze in the time and there’s no doubt that it burns massive calories. (I like that it’s free too.)

Like many other crazy busy moms, I try to workout in the morning before the rest of the day gets the best of me. But, there’s one major drawback: my face gets embarrassingly red and stays like that for about two hours after I’ve finished huffing and puffing. My skin stings and burns and applying any makeup is basically impossible until it cools down. This makes it really hard to get ready for morning meetings.

When I griped about this issue to my friend, Michele Promaulayko, the Editor-In-Chief of Women’s Health, she agreed it was a common and annoying issue for many of her workout-minded readers, so we decided I should research further. We also added some other aggravating workout-induced skin woes to the list, like breakouts, chaffing, sunburn and hives.

So if you have some skin complaints as a result of exercising, pick up the October issue of Women’s Health, on newsstands now, and read Happy Body, Angry Skin to get some great tips on how to protect and repair your skin when sweating it out.

For some instant gratification, here are a few redness relief skincare tips I’ve adopted as a result of my research.

Redness Relief Skincare: Gyltone Rosacure Avene Thermal Water Previse Superschill Sunscreen

1. Keep as cool as possible during your workout. I started using Previse Super Chill Sunsheer SPF 25, $36, because it makes my skin feel cool for the first 15 or 20 minutes of my run and is a mineral based broad spectrum sunscreen, ideal for sensitive skin. Even though the cooling effect wears off before I finish running, I think it helps minimize the heat build-up that contributes to my redness.

2. Spray mineral water on your face as soon as you’re done. Mineral water has powerfully calming anti-inflammatory properties, so I spray it all over my face and chest as soon as I get home. My pick: Avene Thermal Spring Water, $18.

3. Use a soothing anti-redness skincare regimen. Glytone Rosacure, $78 for a kit that contains a cleanser, toner and cream gel, is loaded with hydrating hyaluronic acid and helps relieve rosacea-prone skin.

There are a many more skincare tips and product recommendations in the story, so go grab it now!

P.S. Two other great articles in the issue: The Hunger Fix That Sheds Pounds Fast! and 25 Fitness Tricks Trainers Swear By. It’s a good read cover to cover, as always.

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