Nivea has a new Style Uncapped program where you can customize the cap.

Awesome Customized Gift Idea: Nivea Style Uncapped

Have you ever been in this situation: Your sister, best friend, or some other really close woman in your life is about to reach a major milestone—like get married, have a baby or relocate for an awesome new job—and you know that it’s your “job” to throw her the right party for the occasion. Yet, you’re so crazy busy that the thought of adding it to your to-do list is nerve racking. Well, truth is, you do have to do it. While some of the more time-consuming things on our to-do lists are the most annoying, they can also be the most rewarding. Supporting your own support network feeds the girl power. (Besides, she has probably already thrown you a party, so there’s also the payback issue.)

Here’s just a little help: The perfect gift! Nivea, makers of my entire family’s favorite lip balm (yes, kids, hubby, and me all love the Nivea A Kiss Of Milk And Honey Soothing Lip Care), has recently launched one of the coolest custom programs I’ve seen. Log on to and you can choose from dozens of colors, patterns and fonts to create your own personalized lip balm tube. This is a no-brainer for bridal showers, baby showers, wedding gifts, bon voyage parties, family reunions or any holiday party. If you have a daughter, this is perfect for a Quinceañera or Sweet Sixteen. The best is that it actually doesn’t cost any more than the price of the regular lip balm, so while it’s an extremely personal and special gift, it’s not any more expensive than buying everyone a tube of lip moisturizer. (Shipping is free if you order two or more lip balms.) Brilliant.

Choose from dozens of patters and colors on the Nivea Style Uncapped website.


Your Nivea Style Uncapped customized lip balm will come in a cute little box like this, so all you have to do is wrap it up and slide it into a goody bag. Your guests will think about all the fun they had at your party whenever they use it. Here’s a pattern I made inspired by one of my favorite Lily Pulitzer scarves (shown above). My next chef-d’oeuvre: Pretty Impressed lip balms for holiday gifts. I’m going to get those done next month, along with my holiday cards. Ok, wishful thinking. It’ll be a last minute frenzy, as usual, but Nivea Style Uncapped ships within two weeks, so it’ll work. If I’m too late, then I’ll send them out as a New Year’s gift. New Year, New Lips!


Customize your favorite Nivea lip balm with their new Style Uncapped program.

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