Best Hair Products For An At-Home Blowout

Best At-Home Blowout: 15-Minutes To A Great Hair Day

Who has 30 minutes in the morning just to blow out their hair? Not me and, I bet, not you. But, as we all know, a great hair day makes you feel more confident, energized and outgoing, while bad hair days make you want throw a paper bag over your head. Thanks to some ingenious new products and tools, I’ve honed my best at-home blowout routine to less than 15 minutes. Here’s how:

1. Always use a super absorbent hair towel to squeeze every drop of water possible out of your hair. Don’t rub or you’ll cause frizz. I use the Aquis Essentials Microfiber Towel, $17.

2. Apply a heat-protecting styling cream to wet hair, then comb it through. My latest obsession is the new Living Proof Prime Style Extender, $20, which not only helps smooth out your hair but it also extends the life of your style by a day or so. This means that I actually only have to blowout my hair every other day, which saves time and is ideal for color treated hair.

3. Start to blow-dry your hair while shaking it around until it’s about 80% dry, then use a brush to smooth it out. I swear the new Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000, $250, cuts drying time in half. It creates an 80 mph wind flow that’s infused with super charged ionic technology, which dries hair in a snap while smoothing fly-aways and making it look soft and shiny. (I know it’s kind of pricy, but it’s supposed to last 15 years.)

4. Have two brushes on hand. Use a smaller 1-inch round brush to smooth out your face-framing pieces. Get the rest of your hair sleek and straight with a larger two-inch round brush or a flat paddle mixed-bristle brush.

5. Once everything is dry, rub a dab of shine serum between your palms, then smooth over the ends to hide split-ends and boost shine. Kerastase Elixir Ultime The Imperial, $25, also has UV filters and a beautiful light floral scent.


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