The components of the The Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation kit.


As winter slowly rolls in, it’s only natural to stop paying so much attention to your feet since they’ll always be wedged into boots. Hence, the need for presentable polished toes is put on hold until next spring. But watch out—before you know it, your heels can become so rough and cracked, that you’ll feel them snag as you slip into socks, tights or even your comfy bed sheets. Sound familiar?

Enter the new Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation, $200. Over the years, I’ve put together quite a few stories on how to give yourself an at-home pedicure. The truth is, I’ve always found it hard to get salon-quality results at home because the process is so slippery and awkward in the shower. But, as a crazy busy mom, who has time to run to the salon at the first sight of a callus or cracked skin—especially during the winter?

That’s why I got so excited when I attended the launch event of the new Clarisonic Pedi. I’m already obsessed with their facial cleansing devices, but a foot-specific tool is downright genius.

Let’s break it down: First, the Pedi device is much stronger and faster then their facial brushes—it means business. The kit comes with two different heads—a Smoothing Disc made out of textured stainless steel to tackle rough spots, and a Wet/Dry Brush that has short, rigid bristles that can be used daily.

The device is so easy to handle, that I actually do use it almost every day. First, apply some of the Pedi-Buff (which contains lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and aloe vera) to your feet, then go over your soles for a few minutes with the Wet/Dry Brush. Once a week, give your rough spots a dose of the Pedi-Boost Sonic Foot Renewing Peel Treatment (an intensive exfoliating solution of lactic and glycolic acids), let it sink in for a few minutes, than go to town with the Smoothing Disc.

Always follow up with the Pedi Balm, their no-slip, moisturizing cream with apricot oil, honey and shea butter. Apply right after the shower to lock in hydration.

It’s not even November yet, but I’m already grateful for the Clarisonic Pedi on so many levels. First, it really makes exfoliating your feet at home fast and easy. Second, I’m so ready to take a break from salon pedicures, because they’re costly and time consuming. It’s a win win.

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