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Best Way To Wash Your Face At Night

Pretty Impressed founder Rachel Hayes's skincare tip: keep a basket of skincare cleansers always convenient in your bathroom.I recently wrote a skincare feature for You Beauty on why it’s so important to wash your face at night. Shockingly, 56% of their readership (which I think is a good reflection of the well educated and health-conscious female population in the U.S.) don’t use a cleanser before hitting the hay. I get it! You’re tired, exhausted, totally zombie-like zonked at the end of a crazy busy day. BUT, here’s why you should take just a few seconds to wipe off the day’s dirt. First, you’ll be less likely to get clogged, enlarged pores and breakouts. Second, all those wrinkle-reducing, spot fading, skin-firming anti-aging ingredients in your night cream will penetrate your skin better, and be more effective. Lastly, when you give your face a thorough cleansing at night, all you have to do is splash it with water the next morning—and that’s when you really need to save time. Capice?

So what’s the best way to wash your face at night? As with everything else in life, all you have to do is set yourself up for success. Make it as easy and convenient as possible by having everything you need at your fingertips. Here are a few of my favorite cleansers that I keep by the sink, along with a pile of clean baby washcloths that I use to not only dry my face, but to also ensure that all the dirt is off (any dark marks and I start over again) and to gently exfoliate my skin.

Best Facial Cleansers

1. Vichy Pureté Thermale
 3-in-1 Calming Cleansing Solution, $17. This all-in-one cleansing milk, toner and eye makeup-up remover feels so soothing and nourishing, it’s a pleasure to use.

2. Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towlettes Value Size, $8. Too tired to even turn on the faucet? Cleansing wipes are actually just as effective as traditional cleansers. Use one until you don’t see any more dirt on the cloth—use both sides if you have to! These wipes are my fave. They gently remove dirt, sweat and makeup (eye makeup too!) without the need to rinse. (Amelia is a fan of Yes To too….)

3. Nuance Salma Hayek Cucumber & Rosewater Dual Phase Makeup Remover, $8. If you’re wearing waterproof mascara, you’ll need more than an all-in-one cleanser to get it off. This one works just as good as any luxury version I’ve tried, but only costs $8 at CVS. No brainer! And it contains a ton of skin-soothing ingredients like cucumber, rosewater, chamomile , lavender, mimosa, blue agave, camapu and prickly pear. You can also use it to take off dark lipstick.

Now, head over to You Beauty to read the full post and scoop some derm-approved techniques to gently, quickly and effectively wash your face at night.

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