Amelia Gayle used Ciaté Colorfoil Manicure to create an easy nail art effect.

World’s Easiest Nail Art Kit: Ciaté Colorfoil Manicure

There’s no shortage of nail polish in my household. In fact, Amelia has become quite the nail artiste, attempting more and more detailed manis—which generally leads to big a mess on the kitchen table. When Ciaté sent me their Very Colourfoil Manicure kit, $19, of course we jumped on it.

In a nutshell, it’s the world’s easiest nail art kit. I call it nail art for dummies because the end result is supposed to look like randomly splattered metallic paint so it’s actually impossible to goof up. (It actually reminds me of the d-i-y painted jeans project we love so much.) On top of that, it’s way less messy then using a bunch of different polishes to create a multicolored effect. That’s a win win in my book.

How to use the Ciate Colorfoil Manicure kit


First, you apply a base polish and let it dry completely. Amelia chose pink, of course. Then, you haphazardly dot the Foil Fox on your nails, rub a foil over it for a few seconds, then quickly pull it back (think of using a wax strip) to reveal a splattering of color. You can layer as many different colored foils as you want until it’s perfectly imperfect to your liking. Apply a glossy top coat, then watch how many oohs-aahs you’ll get from girlfriends and moms alike!

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