NYC facialist Jillian Wright, founder of Jillian Wright Skin Clinic, shares her best glowing skin tips for crazy busy moms.

NYC Facialist Jillian Wright’s Glowing Skin Tips For Busy Moms

I’m so passionate about Pretty Impressed because I’m truly inspired by how other supermoms can be such achievers in the work place, raise amazing kids and look awesome while doing it all. I’m particularly impressed by Jillian Wright’s glowing skin—she beams! Jillian is a top NYC facialist with a bustling Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa in NYC’s tony Upper East Side (Kristen Wiig and Tea Leoni are clients) and mom of two of the healthiest-looking kids I’ve ever seen. As if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Jillian has been tirelessly working on creating her own skincare line, which just hit shelves a few weeks ago. After 14 years of correcting, analyzing, extracting, massaging and maintaining her client’s skin in her spa, she’s built her dream skincare line that addresses premature aging issues while minimizing inflammation and erroneous break-outs. Jillian Wright Skin Care incorporates cutting edge ingredients like peptides (EGF, Tetrapeptide-3) and botanical stem cells (lilac, apple and echinacea) with natural ingredients derived from fruit and flower extracts. The icing on the cake: the packaging is made of 100% post-consumer recyclable material and infused with wild flower seeds. Plant your box and watch it grow! Check out this quick video to really see how cool it is.

So who better to ask for some glowing skin tips for crazy busy moms than Jillian? Here they are…

• Just cool it. “Put a cold compress on your face after washing it at night. Wrap a washcloth around a cool pack or bag of frozen peas, then lay back and enjoy. The compress works as an anti-inflammatory and calms every thing down,” says Jillian.

• Just like your kids, your skin loves a routine. “Set up a regular morning and evening facial regimen. Your skin will function better and you’ll notice a transformation into healthier skin,” says Jillian.

• Have an arsenal of exfoliators on hand. “With a multitude of types to choose from—like physical, chemical (AHA) or enzyme based—you’ll never get bored and your skin will be happy because you’re promoting the proliferation of new skin cells,” says Jillian. Try Jillian Wright Poppy Seed Buffing Grains, $45, Double Surface Exfoliator, $55, and Super Skin Smoothie, $75, for starters!

• Unplug before bed. “Put down the gadgets at least an hour before going to bed and concentrate on yourself.  Take a bath, enjoy your facial ritual, watch your favorite show while doing a facial mask. Simplicity is bliss. Take the time to decompress,” says Jillian. (Related post: Proven: Sleep Deprivation Causes Wrinkles)

• Cut your indulgences by half, such as alcohol, sugar and salt.  “You’ll see and feel a significant difference in your energy levels and radiance because your blood flow increases and more oxygen gets to your skin cells. You’ll also lose a little bit of weight!” she says.

• Get your hair, brows and lashes done.  “Talk to your colorist, but finding the right hair color for your skin tone will brighten your skin and make you look more youthful in general. Darkening your lashes and brows a notch brings definition to your face and a more glowing appearance to your skin without having to wear a lot of makeup,” she says. (Related post: I Love It: Brow Tinting shares my favorite spot in NYC.)

• Plan next week’s  family meals on Sunday. “I have to feed four kids because my fiancé has two of his own. They range in age from 5 to 14.  That’s why I plan my meals! We discuss the menu and go grocery shopping for the week, then we’re done. I’ll ask our caregiver to prepare one or two meals, then I make the others.  This strategy demystifies what we’re going to eat each evening, when everyone’s too exhausted to think. It also ensures that we eat a healthy meal and prevents late-night take out orders. And I’m never stressed out making dinner, hence better skin!” says Jillian. As for getting her kids to eat vegetables, Jillian swears by roasting. “I do a lot of roasting with olive oil, salt and pepper.  They love the taste!  I use very little butter.  Somehow, someway, we always get vegetables in them,” she says.

• Apply body lotion every 12 hours. “My favorite is St. Ives Advanced Moisturizer Oatmeal and Shea Butter. It’s not too greasy or heavy and gives your skin the proper amount of hydration throughout the day or night,” she says.

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