Rachel Hayes, founder of Pretty Impressed, wrote Beauty 101: Highlights in the November 2013 issue of Allure magazine.

How To Get And Keep Gorgeous Natural Looking Highlights

This month, I have a Beauty 101 story in Allure on one of my favorite topics: natural looking highlights! God, I love them.

I have yet to do an all-over single process color, despite the fact that my hair color is aging and getting darker and darker by the year. Nevertheless, I religiously rely on highlights to brighten my natural dark blonde hair color, hence lift up my whole look and look years younger. And I always want them to look totally natural.

To research the Allure article, I talked to some of my favorite NYC colorists: Kyle White of the Oscar Blandi Salon (his loyal clients include Mariah Carey and Maria Menounos), Rita Hazan (she has her own NYC salon and does celebs like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Williams)  and Marie Robinson, who also has a NYC salon and does Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz and Scarlett Johansson. Yah—big shots!

As just a teaser, I loved all the out-of-the-box tools these experts like to use to apply highlights McGyver-style—like a baby toothbrush, toothpick, cotton swab, eyebrow brush or a disposable spoolie. Very clever. The goal is to keep them about ¼-inch skinny and start right up at the root, so sometimes the big brush that comes in the box is a little too clunky. But I can’t scoop the magazine, so you’ll have to go pick it up for more amazing hair color tips.

I go to the salon to get my highlights done, and while I look forward to the gorgeous results, I dread the process. It takes SO much time and money. I lose almost an entire day of my life and a week’s worth of hard earned money!  In fact, a few weeks ago, I asked Kyle (who is actually one of the fastest colorists in town, love!) to give me some tips on How To Spend Less Time Getting Your Hair Color Done. If you’re always short on time, read that post ASAP.

Color Wow Root Cover Up comes in 6 shades from platinum blonde to black.Roots are also another annoying hair color issue, especially when you want to stretch out your time between visits as much as possible. Since I did this post on The Trick To Finding The Best Root Touch-Up Concealor, a brand new product has come across my desk that I have to tell you about: Color Wow Root Cover Up, $34.50. It sort of looks like an eyeshadow and all you have to do is use the brush to paint over your problem spots. The formula is a mineral powder that seamlessly covers grays or dark roots with no waxes or dyes, and it even stays in place in the pool or ocean, but washes out easily when you shampoo. Genius! It comes in six shades, from platinum blonde to black. It’s also a life saver for women who are pregnant since they should avoid using any chemicals on their scalp. Watch this video to see how easy it is to cover dark regrowth on blondes. I have to add that this product was created by a supermom, Gail Federici (she has twins!) who actually launched John Frieda (and sold it for $450 million), so she knows her hair stuff.  Of course, only a crazy busy mom could think up of such a clever product, right? It easily adds another week between color visits. I’m pretty impressed all around!

Now go pick up the November issue of Allure to scoop all the amazing tips the pros gave me to max out your highlights at home or in the salon.

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