Ideal neutral lipstick options Four nude lipsticks by Lipstick Queen, Lancome, Sonia Kashuk and CoverGirl.

How To Pick The Perfect Nude Lipstick

Like the perfect pair of skinny jeans and a go-anywhere blazer, a flattering everyday, anywhere nude lipstick should be a staple in everyone’s makeup wardrobe. When we sat down with makeup guru Sonia Kashuk for her supermom post, she was honest—and hilarious!—when she talked about why she’s a nude  lipstick devotee. “When I have to attend a business meeting or an event, I always think, I love red lips! But in reality, my lips are totally cockeyed. People have told me to get injections to fix it, but I’m not into that. That’s my imperfection. It is what it is. So that’s why I tend to go for more of a nude lip,” she said.

Whether you want to downplay you lip shape, love natural-looking makeup, or need a neutral counterpart to a bold eye effect, a nude lip look is something you shouldn’t have to think more than two seconds about. But, the truth is, if you’re not a ridiculously talented makeup artist like Sonia, it’s tough to find a flattering nude shade. Often times they can make you look like a corpse. Not helpful! So here are Sonia’s top three tips on how to pick the perfect nude lipstick.

1. Avoid nude lipsticks that look too grey. Many nude lipsticks have grey, pasty undertones. Grey toned nudes can actually become a dull purple on your lips, making you look pretty much more dead tired than you already are.

2. Instead, choose a nude with a brown base and a hint of pink or peach. A brown base prevents that dreaded washed-out look. And more look-alive undertones are way more flattering.

3. Punch it up with a liner. Applying nude liner under a nude lipstick can help punch it up a bit, and also improve staying power. Play with different shades or pink or brown and experiment with adjusting the intensity until you nail the perfect look.

Having used a multitude of different nude lipsticks in her lustrous makeup career, Sonia’s created her own perfect nude: Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lipstick in Pinky Beige, $9.99. We also asked some of our other favorite lipstick brands to share their best selling nudes. COVERGIRL Lip Perfection in Kiss, $7.49, is a fan favorite and we also love how hydrating it is. Lancôme L’Absolue Rouge in Rich Cashmere, $30, is the perfect peach nude. Lipstick Queen’s best selling Chinatown lipstick in Cameo, $22, is a hit and also super easy to use when you’re on the go.

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