Christie Brinkley and Pretty Impressed founder Rachel Hayes at the Hair2Wear launch event.

Christie Brinkley On Her New Hair2Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

I would definitely not describe myself as the type of girl who’d wear clip-in hair extensions. Even though hair extensions have been incredibly popular for the past decade and we all know that 99.9% of female celebrities wear some sort of hairpiece when they walk the red carpet, I consider myself to be a few notches more low-maintenance (and natural) than the average hair extension devotee.

Well, never say never!

The minute I walked in to the launch event for the Hair2Wear Christie Brinkley Collection (how could I not RSVP yes to just meet her?), I was whisked over to a chair, a stylist clipped the top half of my hair up, snapped in one row of a clip-in hair extension, released the top of my hair, tousled it all around a bit, and BAM—I had Christie Brinkley hair! Literally, it didn’t take more than five minutes and my hair was about three inches longer and twice as thick, with bouncy waves. The fake hair blended in perfectly with my natural hair.

“In the fashion industry, hair extensions have been around for a while. My experience with them before Hair2Wear was that it was the kind of thing you put in, then worried about. They were bulky and very expensive. When I tried Hair2Wear, I thought they were really good and why not share some of the beauty secrets of my industry in an affordable way?” says Christie, who is a crazy busy mom herself. “I’m most proud of the fact that we can offer women a chance to get out of the bathroom faster and get into their day with a security blanket of great hair. I’ll even put two in at the same time to get this incredibly lush look,” she adds.

Pretty Impressed founder Rachel Hayes tries Christie Brinkley Hair2Wear clip-in extensions at the launch event.

And don’t think these extensions only add incredible volume and body to your hair. They can also be used to play around with different hair colors or to stretch out the time between hair color visits. “Sometimes I switch from the one that matches my tone exactly to one that’s lighter to put the highlights back in to my hair until I can get to my colorist,” says Christie.

The Christie Brinkley Hair2Wear Collection has wigs, braided headbands, side ponytails, clip-in bangs and clip-in extensions, which all come in a wide variety of shades so it’s easy to find a perfect match. Prices range from $10 to $259, so it’s a lot more affordable than spending hundreds of dollars at the salon for real extensions. All of them can be heat styled up to 350° and a quick brushing will revitalize any curls and restore the shape of the hairpiece.

I kept mine in for the whole day and loved it. My friends would look at me and wonder what was different, then were confused by how long and full my hair was! Of course, I can never keep a secret so I would blurt out that I had hair extensions, but next time, and there will be a next time, I’ll play it more cool, like Christie Brinkley.

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  1. Linda Tggart says:

    Where is the site where I can see colors, and how to order. And return policy if not right color. And can they be bought locally in Prescott Arizona? Saw on T.V. Just might work for me.. My hair is not long , medium just past ears. Will one still work.. need to try first. Guarantee money back?

  2. Kathi B says:

    how long is the pony tail extension ?

  3. mollie says:

    Would you please let me know what color she used in your hair?
    That is the exact color that I want but can’t figure out which one it is on their website.

  4. Angela willett says:

    Can not fined where 2 buy hair2wear collection

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