Dr. Brandt DNA Do Not Age Time Reversing Cream


There comes a time in your life—for me, that’s right now—when you realize that you can’t dibble dabble around with skincare anymore if you want to hold on to youthful, glowing skin until death do you part. I laughed so hard when supermom Sonia Kashuk told me that when she feels like her face is falling down, she just pulls her signature bun a little higher and tighter for an instant lift. I can relate! If you’re at that point where you look in the mirror and sort of pull your skin back trying to envision how firm and defined your face once was, don’t feel deflated. Fight back with an anti-aging powerhouse.

Way back in July I got a sneak peek of Dr. Brandt’s latest anti-aging skincare line, cleverly called D.N.A. for Do Not Age—which just hit stores this past month. Dr. Brandt is a fixture in the NYC dermatologist scene, with celebrity clients like Madonna—need I say more? Of course I’m going to try his latest anti-aging concoction, the Dr. Brandt Do Not Age DNA Time Reversing Cream, $130. The breakthrough technology (which took five years to develop) targets DNA mistakes and malfunctions and the alteration of cells’ oxygenation that unfortunately occurs in everyone as they age. It does this by strengthening the cells’ mitochondria (which make ATP, vital energy), protects telomeres (sort of like “little bumpers” that protect genes from breaking down) and decreases the production of progerins, which are mutated proteins that accumulate with aging and diminish the cell lifespan. In a nutshell, it fuels your skin with energy, jump starts it’s metabolism and restores the architecture, density and elasticity of your skin. It also minimizes and reverses fine lines and wrinkles. I used it every night until the jar was gone, layering it on top of my retinol serum, and loved it. I didn’t experience any irritation (which I often do) and found it to be extremely hydrating and comforting, giving my skin a natural glow.


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