founder Rachel Hayes tries Elizabeth Arden Custom Color Foundation.

Fool-Proof Makeup: Elizabeth Arden Custom Color Foundation

Finding an exact foundation match is always tricky. Even when someone helps you in a store, harsh indoor lighting often foils the diagnosis. Plus, what a consultant may consider to look natural, you could find too mask-like light or fake-baked tan. On top of that, the wicked winter weather (it’s already snowed three times in the last week) wreaks havoc on my skin, causing red patches, flare ups and general yuckiness, making it hard to match up to a foundation when it’s most paramount to have one. An excellent solution: A custom-blended foundation. I was just invited downtown to the new Elizabeth Arden The Red Door Union Square, which features an excellent menu of express services, perfect for crazy busy moms who can barely find time to treat themselves to an oxygen facial. (But I did! Notice my makeup-free glow?) They also demonstrated their brand new Elizabeth Arden Custom Color Foundation service, which took no less than five minutes and whipped up an excellent moisturizing foundation in my exact match.

Elizabeth Arden Custom Color Foundation

Here’s how it worked: First, a consultant placed the lens of a spectrophotometer (an optical skin diagnostic tool) right up to my makeup-free cheek to measure my skin’s depth of color and tone, then calculate the pigment levels required to create a perfect match. It assesses the four pigments that make up everyone’s skin color: black, white, red and yellow. Then, I filled out a brief survey on an iPad, where I got to choose my preferred formula—the options are sheer, medium or full with either a matte or natural finish. Finally, the machine dispensed the right amount of pigment into my chosen formula, then spun it all together. It’s brilliant. They save your personal recipe in their computer system so all you need to do is phone them up for a refill, then they’ll ship it to you. It costs $59 for 1oz, and is available at The Red Door and Red Door Spa.


What’s your favorite foundation?

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