I asked the pickiest guy I know, my husband, to come up with this Holiday Gift Guide For Husbands, Dads And Other Guys In Your Life.

Holiday Gift Guide For Guys

As I’ve already said in our Father’s Day Gift Guide, my husband, Stuart, is one of the pickiest guys I know! That makes it extremely hard to shop for him, but also a great resource for selecting the best gifts for guys. So if you’re still looking for something special for your husband, boyfriend, brother or dad, here’s what’s on our Holiday Gift Guide For Guys.

1. Fitbit Force Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, $129. Guys like stats and with this sleek gadget, he can track steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes throughout the day. At night, it tracks your sleep and will wake you up silently with a vibrating alarm.

2. Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment, $30. I discovered this high-tech pre-shave treatment when I was researching a unisex beauty products story for Glo.MSN.com. It actually heats up your skin as soon as you rub it in with a little water, helping to lift up hairs and soften skin for a super smooth shave. I was so obsessed I did NOT share it with Stu. But now that it’s the holidays, I’ll get him his own tube. It’s so comforting on cold blustery mornings.

3. Sennheiser RS 120 Wireless Headsets, $100. This pick is a tip from supermom Cheryl Kramer, Beauty Director of Shape and Star magazines. (Her post is coming up next week!). She throws these at her husband when he wants to watch TV in bed and she wants to sleep, so now I’ll do the same!

1. Fitbit Force Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband; 2. Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment; 3. Sennheiser RS 120 Wireless Headsets.
Stylish Holiday Gifts For Guys

4. Brooks Brothers Vintage Wingtip Boots, $398. You may notice that Stu is actually wearing these shoes in the family snapshot above. He loves them so much, he wants a second pair. They really look great with jeans or more dressed up with pants.

5. Sid Mashburn Pocket Square Brown/Blue/Orange, $55. A colorful pocket square is the easiest way to amp up the style of a classic solid-color blazer. Stu never leaves home without one.

6. Adriano Goldshmied AG Jeans The Matchbox—Jack, $168. It’s tough to find skinny guy jeans that don’t look silly on a guy. These have a slim fit without looking like spandex. The dark wash makes them extremely versatile.

What are you getting the guys in your life?

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