Julep TaDa! Drying Drops help your mani dry in minutes.

I Love It: Julep TaDa! Quick Dry Drops

Right now, I’m all about bright holiday red nail polishes. Come January, I’ll go back to wearing deep vampire burgundy, midnight blue, emerald green and classic black. My point? I love solid bold colors. The problem? They require a lot of touch ups throughout the week to fix chips and fading. So, on many mornings, like today, I find myself realizing that I need to touch up a chip about two minutes before I had planned to walk out the door. The solution? Julep TaDa! Quick Dry Drops, $14. This formula is like magic. It contains a mixture of oils like rosewood, sweet almond, rice bran, lavender and ylang ylang, which quickly nourish rough, dry cuticles and it actually smells really nice. All you have to do is wait a quick minute after putting on your top coat, then squeeze a little drop onto each nail and within five minutes your nails are dry and you can put on your coat, gloves, rummage through your purse to find your phone, etc. Tada is right!

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