To keep you skin soft and smooth, layer on your moisturizers.

World’s Easiest Beauty Tip To Winterize Your Skin

Hello Polar Vortex! One thing that helps me feel as warm and comfortable as possible: soft, smooth skin. There’s no medical backup that I’m aware of that actually proves that softer skin keeps your body warmer than dry, itchy skin, but it’s all about feeling snuggly and comfortable under layers and layers and layers of clothes.

Here’s a beauty tip on how to get soft smooth skin that I picked up from a top Manhattan dermatologist years ago and still practice religiously: Just how getting dressed for a cold blustery day requires several layers of clothes, like a turtleneck under a sweater, your skin also needs a few layers of moisturizers to prevent dehydration, redness and itchiness. And always apply your moisturizers as soon as you’re done showering because it only takes 3 minutes for all of that soothing water to evaporate from your skin.

So, here’s my routine, specifically: After I shower, while I’m still standing in the tub, I use my hands to whisk water off my skin, then I massage a light but ultra moisturizing body oil all over. Then, I pat dry with a towel (no rubbing, which would remove the oil), then I slather on a heavier body lotion. This top layer helps seal in the body oil and gives your skin a second dose of moisture.  Repeat this routine after every shower, and your skin will feel just as soft as your favorite cashmere sweater.

This trick really works great with just about any combination of moisturizers, just be sure to apply the lighter one first, then the heavier one. I have a slew of favorite body lotions, but recently I’ve been loving this combo: Burt’s Bees Body and Bath Oil,$8, followed up with LAVANILA The Healthy Body Butter, $19. It’s a great duo!

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