Supermom Melissa Stone Mangham has perfected how to blow out a bob with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine To Full Blow-out Spray.

How To Blow Out A Bob With Body

Baby-fine dirty-dish-water blonde hair. That is what I was blessed with. “But you’ve got A LOT of it” I would hear from mother and stylist alike. Two babies later, I don’t even have that. My solution? Cut it all off! Who knew I would be ahead of Hollywood’s hottest hair trend. I rocked that for 3 years and then just wanted my bob back. Now we’ve got fine limp hair…growing out. The horror. But then one fateful trip, from LAX to NYC for Fashion Week, with no liquids in my carry-on, I met my new best friend. I made an emergency stop at the nearest Duane Reade to get something, anything, to style my hair before hitting the tents. While browsing the white glowing aisles of the DR a lovely little teal blue bottle popped out at me. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow-Out Spray, $8. “Fine to Full” it promised me.  “Creates all-over natural fullness for the look of a salon-quality blow-out”…right. I’ve tried everything. If you’ve got my hair, you’ve tried everything too. I knew this pretty little bottle was lying to me, but I bought it anyway.

Then I tried it.

They weren’t lying.

I looked as if I had hair again. I looked as if I had more hair than I had ever had. I was hooked. Here are my ridiculously easy styling steps on how to blow out a bob with body:

Melissa Stone Mangham shows how to blow out a bob so that it has lots of body.


1. Wash (with a shampoo that I’m going to tell you about at a later date). Don’t go too heavy on conditioner.
2. Lift your wet hair up in chunks and spray the product at the roots and underneath. Brush through.
3. Flip your head over and dry your hair almost completely with your head upside down. Just use your fingers.
4. Finish with a metal-barreled brush. Start the brush at your roots. Pull up and roll. Blow-dry at the root to lock in the fullness. Then smooth the ends.
5. Feel luxurious. Thank me later.

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