In the winter issue of Glam Belleza Latina, Rachel Hayes talks about this season't newest fragrances.

Winter Fragrances I Could Wear Forever

I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days working with Patricia Reynoso, mom of twin teenagers (yikes!) and Editor of Glam Belleza Latina, Glamour’s new beauty and fashion magazine tailor made for Latinas. God, they’re passionate about beauty. One of my assignments: Do a little sniff and tell of the best new winter fragrances. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, right?

Actually, it is a tough job. Fragrance is such a personal and emotional experience, that it’s hard to bring it to life for readers. We defined our favorite new fragrances by pairing them up with different moods—for example, what’s perfect for a black-tie event, a weekend getaway, sexy date night, etc. Of all the scents we featured, there are two that I’m just crazy about. I’m not a huge fragrance wearer, but when I like a scent, I get attached and wear it all the time. Especially this winter because the weather has been so cold, it’s heightened my desire to feel as warm and cozy as possible. So, here are the new winter fragrances that have defined this relentless polar vortex weather for me:

Aerin Amber Musk Tom Ford Sahara Noir

Aerin Amber Musk, $110, is soft, comforting scent that I’ll never tire of. It has light floral notes mixed with coconut water, musk and amber. It’s been the perfect cozy-up-in-front–of-the-fireplace during this crazy winter.
Tom Ford Sahara Noir, $150, is also a warm, cozy scent, but slightly more intense with frankincense, Moroccan rose and Egyptian jasmine. I’ll wear this when I want to make more of a statement, like for a dinner party or an evening out.

You know who’s a huge fragrance fanatic? Supermom Genevieve Monsma, Beauty Director of More magazine, who I just featured as a supermom. If you’re a fragrance hoarder like her, then you have to check out all the scents she loves right now and how she layers them to make the perfect scent to fit her mood du jour.

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