Our beauty tips on beating the winter blues!

Beat Those Winter Blues!

Despite the fact that Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year, was last month, I think this whole season can be called Blue Winter. In fact, it’s snowing right now. And it snowed yesterday. And this weekend? Yes, two storms will roll through the Big Apple. More than ever before, I’ve been relying on some key beauty products to help shake off those winter blues. Some are tried and true, others are brand new—and all of them are super easy to use.

The Glow Getter: Caudalie Beauty Elixir, $48 for 3.4 oz and $18 for 1 oz (travel size).
One whiff of this refreshing face mist makes you feel as rejuvenated as taking a trip to a spa. The hydrating formula contains grape, orange blossom, rose, mint and rosemary extracts which instantly boosts radiance and can make even the palest, scaliest skin look glowy and fresh. P.S. It’s free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

Better Than Coffee: Mio Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Gel, $33.
Mio suggests using this gel before and after a workout to give your muscles a shot of energy. But, I haven’t been to the gym since 2013. Pathetic, but who gets out of their comfy, warm bed and treks to an early morning workout in the freezing cold and total darkness? Sorry, not me. BUT, I have found this gel incredibly helpful in making me feel as if I worked out. It contains extracts of arnica, horse chestnut, murumuru butter, spearmint and natural magnesium all blended in a cooling formula that awakens your senses and ease aches. Around 3 p.m., if I’m sitting at my desk slipping into an energy slump, I rub a bit between my palms, cup my hands around my nose, inhale deeply then give myself a little shoulder massage. Now, if only it burned calories too!

Embrace Your Blues: OPI Nail Lacquer in AmazON…AmazOFF, $9
Isn’t getting a manicure is best anti-depressant? You instantly feel prettier, pulled together, more in control. Blue is a hot hue right now, but I find it really hard to wear. Too bright looks cheesy, too dark isn’t enough of a color pick-me-up. This deep teal hue from OPI’s Brazil collection is the prefect mix of trendy and chic. Wear it to work and just watch how many compliments you’ll get.

Color Therapy: Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Monaco, $20.
Bright lips are a no-brainer when it comes to bringing some life into your look. I’ve been wearing this sheer coral red gloss all winter. It’s the perfect pop of color, without being overwhelming, and it also has Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba seed oil to moisturize and soothe polar-vortex-abused lips.

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