The Ciate Chalkboard Manicure is the perfect activity to do with the kids this weekend!

It’s Doodle Time: The Best Chalkboard Manicure

A few months back, Amelia and I had such a blast with the Ciaté Colorfoil Manicure, which I aptly called The Worlds Easiest Nail Art Kit. Of course, we had to go back to Ciaté for more mani fun. This time, we tried the Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure, $25, with our friends Lisa and Lilly. Lisa is the gorgeous #supermom in the photo, and Lilly is her 12 year old daughter. Lisa’s husband and two sons were over to watch a football game, so while all the boys yelled at the TV, we had our own nail painting party in the kitchen.

Ciate's chalkboard manicure is the perfect activity to do with the kids this weekend!

This chalkboard manicure kit was also super easy. First, you should apply a base coat, which isn’t included in the kit, but I always advise using a base coat to protect your nails from getting stained by a dark polish. Next, apply two coats of the black matte nail polish, letting each one dry thoroughly. Then, start doodling and making designs with the colorful polish pens. Shake each one gently before pressing it lightly on  your nail. If you make a mistake, all you have to do is wipe it off with water within 30 seconds—genius! Lisa and Lilly had fun doodling a cute flower pattern. Once your design is done, wait until it’s completely dry before applying the matte topcoat.

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