Rochelle Jacobs shares her beauty and fashion must-haves and how she raises her two boys.

Rochelle Jacobs On Being Fearless, Hoarding Bright Dresses And Managing Sensitive Skin

Spend one hour with Rochelle Jacobs, Managing Director of June Jacobs Spa Collection, and you’ll feel like you can take on anything. Seriously. Fearless is her favorite word and her energy is contagious. In 1999, Rochelle left the finance world (Lehman Brothers, Viacom) to work with her mother, June Jacobs, who had already created Peter Thomas Roth and was just starting to plan her eponymous skincare collection. As a mother-and-daughter duo, they launched the June Jacobs Spa Collection in 2003 and now, 11 years later, it’s sold in over 35 countries and their amenities can be found in Hyatt hotels across the world, which means about 12 million people slather on one of her lotions or potions each year. While building her beauty empire, Rochelle also got married, had kids, and got divorced, but her ex is one of her best friends and an excellent dad. They share the responsibilities of raising Jake, 11, and Luke, 10. Here’s how this supermom keeps it all together.

PI: How do you balance such a busy work schedule and seeing your boys?
Rochelle: It’s not a balance. It’s more of a trade-off. You have to decide what’s going to win because you can’t really do everything. Each day, I figure out where my priorities are. For example, I have this hair show over the weekend, a charity event tonight and a company party for the Hyatt tomorrow night. That means I’ll see my kids on Saturday. Normally, I would’ve only said yes to a little bit of the work stuff, but I’m going to be on spring break with my kids for two weeks and get that quality time. I have no guilt at all. I’ll be making it up for them in so many ways. I’m going to be carrying three sets of skis. That’s lot of work! Time management is a constant, constant, constant struggle of figuring out the trade-off of the day. I tell my kids, a happy mom is a happy kid and we work together. If something’s upsetting them, they’ll say “I miss you.” That basically means, “Mom, you haven’t been doing a great job doing at making me feel loved and cared for.” When that happens, I start canceling things right away.

PI: How do you keep calm amidst the craziness?
Rochelle: I remind myself that everything always works out. That is always my thought process. I tried to tell this to my youngest son because he has so much anxiety. I have a lot of anxiety, but at a very young age, the coping mechanism that I used to overcome that was reminding myself that everything always works out. Another big one is thinking, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” I’m fearless. I have always been fearless. If something doesn’t work out, you do it again. You get past it and learn something from it.


PI: Your skin is amazing—not surprising, given your job. Do you do a lot to it?
Rochelle: I don’t do a lot. My skin is incredibly sensitive, it reacts to everything. I barely wear makeup and I don’t even own foundation. I use a creamy cleanser and my Clarisonic Aria, $199, every single morning. I’m obsessed with it. Then I apply our June Jacobs Elastin Collagen Serum, $130. I’ve been using it all winter because this crazy weather has really dried out my skin.

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PI: I can’t believe you don’t own foundation. How do you have such perfect skin? 
Rochelle: I use the June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque, $62, a natural enzymatic mask, at night. You’re supposed to apply a thick layer and leave it on for three to ten minutes, but I put on a really thin layer and just go to sleep without taking it off. Our body balms are also one of my favorites. No matter how rushed I am, I never skip moisturizing because, if not, my skin will burn all day. Given that I’ve worn boots all winter, I put cream on my feet every single day before I put socks on. At night, I’ll put a body balm on my hands or feet, layer a bit of Vaseline on top, then slip on cotton gloves or socks. That really locks in the moisturizer. I wind up taking the socks or gloves off in my sleep but by the time I wake up, there’s no residue. Everything just feels super soft.

make up

PI: What kind of makeup do you use since you have such sensitive skin?
Rochelle: I’m obsessed with eyeliner and eyelash extensions. I don’t own mascara because I rub my eyes so much, but the extensions make it look as if I’m wearing it. I go to Ebenezer Eyelash. The extensions give my lashes a full texture and I can even wash my face without worrying about them. They’re actually really durable. Then, I have every single color of Laura Geller I-Care Eyeliner Waterproof Pencil, $20. I’ve been wearing purple eyeliner 80% of the time because it makes my green eyes look greener. I also love Laura Geller City Light Lip Gloss, $16, and her Wonder Wand Eye Brightener Powder, $21, which is like a loose eye shadow that you dab in the corners of your eyes to brighten everything up. My skin never reacts to any of these products.

PI: What about your hair? 
Rochelle: My grays are beyond out of control. I’m all gray. By the time I realize it, it is almost unfixable, so I’ll take care of it right away. I go to Corinne Adams Danchaud at Serge Normant at John Frieda. She’s like God. I’m never organized enough to schedule regular appointments so I email her, “When can you see me? I need it ASAP.” It’s always an emergency and she fits me in. I feel so good after, I’m like a different person. My energy just shifts knowing that my problem is fixed. I’m also obsessed with a product she recently introduced me to called Color Wow Root Cover-Up in Blonde, $35. It’s a root concealer that you apply like an eye shadow. It doesn’t come off. I can go to yoga and not worry that my white headband is going to have brown on it. It allows me to spend an extra night with my kids instead of coming home at 8:00 p.m. because I had to rush and get my color done. It gives me more flexibility. That’s a big, big, big trick. I’m always in crisis mode when I need Botox too.

PI: When did you start using Botox?
Rochelle: I’ve been doing it since I was in third grade. No seriously, I’ve been doing it for seven years. But, the really cool thing about it is that I haven’t had to increase it at all. Since I was so proactive about doing it, I still just have the same one spot, that’s it. On my 40th birthday, I told my dermatologist, Dr. Diane Madfes, that I was totally open to do anything. She looked at me and said, “There’s nothing more I can do to you right now. I don’t know what you’re doing, just keep doing it.” I love that she doesn’t give her patients treatments that aren’t necessary, like a lot of other doctors.

PI: So do you think great skin is really about genetics?
Rochelle: I think it’s partially genetics, but I swear it’s partially your outlook. I still feel really young. When I say I’m 41, I remember what 41-year-olds were like when I was 25. They were old! Don’t you feel that way? When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a 41-year-old. I have loved every single year of my life and I think every year came at the right time. I’ve always been ready for whatever was next.

fashion pic 2

PI: What about fashion. Do you have a work uniform?
Rochelle: I have more dresses than anything else in the world. I like my arms—it’s the only part of my body I like. I look for dresses that are sleeveless or cap sleeves and I generally like an A-line shape. I really like bright colors too. I love my green Jay Godfrey Bower Crepe De Chine Draped Side Dress, $298. Another favorite is my Diane Von Furstenberg Pink Fleurette Silk Chiffon Dress, $485. I also love my orange Ali Ro Lava Flutter Sleeve Dress, $289.

PI: Where do you shop?
Rochelle: I don’t shop in stores. I’ve had my biggest scores on Gilt and Ruelala. My most successful purchases are never on an app unless there’s something I have to get right away. I like to look at everything on a big screen. Also, my friend Gretta Monahan is a great stylist and owns a clothing store in Boston. She sends me things I’d never try on my own. She always writes a note that says, “I don’t care if you don’t want to try it on. You must try it on.” Some of my favorite pieces are things that I’d never ever, ever, ever have tried on my own. It’s good to have someone who forces you to step out of your comfort zone.

fashion 1

PI: What are some of your favorite shoes?
Rochelle: I love wedges. I’ve been wearing these Balenciaga Leather Wedge Brogue Ankle Boots, $865, all winter long. I put the rubber stuff on the soles so I can walk better. They’re great because I can wear them with jeans or a suit. For summer, I will be wearing these Prada Platform Wedge Sandals, $510. I got them last summer and lived in them.

PI: What are some of your favorite accessories?
Rochelle: My skin is so sensitive it reacts to metal too, so I’ve been wearing a lot of leather accessories. Lately I’ve been loving my Balenciaga Classic Leather Single Strap Bracelet, $195.

PI: How do you come back from a momentary lapse of confidence?
Rochelle: In business and in my appearance, I’m incredibly confident. I think there’s a big difference between insecurities and confidence. I can list out my insecurities, but it doesn’t affect my confidence. For example, I don’t like my butt, so I don’t walk around in a bikini. Never will! But I do have a little cute wrap that I wear that makes me feel confident.

PI: I know you’re very involved with a lot of charities. What’s your latest? 
Rochelle: Yes, I’m very active in the community. Most recently, Dr. Elsa Port, who specializes in treating breast cancer and has been a long time friend and doctor asked me to help in launching the Dubin Breast Center of The Tisch Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai. We’ve hosted a bunch of different events over the years. I also raise money every year for the boys’ schools and do whatever I can to help the scholarship funds.

PI: Has being a mother changed the way you manage your business?
Rochelle: 100%. My patience level has improved from having those delicious little boys who test me on everything. I’m also more compassionate and understanding. Before kids, everything was black and white to me. If someone was late, it didn’t matter the excuse, they were late. Now I ask, “Is everything okay? Is there something I should know about?” I think my humanity side was locked up. I worked at Wall Street. They don’t have humanity there (laughs).

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