Mother's Day gift ideas.

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Yes, a fragrance is a lovely gift for Mother’s Day. So is a sparkly new pair of earrings or colorful spring scarf. I personally have a Vitamix on my list. (I bought the Nutribullet last fall, and while I love it, it’s not big enough to whip up family-size batches of smoothies—so selfless of me, right?)

But when I asked my supermom friends what they really want for Mother’s Day, this became very clear: They want a loving, cherished memory of the day—a unique experience or a customized gift, either handmade or commissioned, that captures their hearts. One idea is this incredible Love2Design personalized cuff that Jackie Stafford made with her daughter’s name, Charlotte. And here are some more…

Mother's DayMichelle McCool
Creative Consultant + Stylist; Supermom to Carolina 7, and Michael, 5.
“What I really want for Mother’s Day are sketches of my two little ones done by my favorite illustrator, David Downton.  His usual clients are fashion houses and supermodels but I think he’d capture the round cheeks of my children just fine.  We usually have a picnic in Central Park but this year we’re hitting Tavern on the Green as it has just reopened.  Happy Mother’s Day!!”

Dianne Vavra
VP Press Relations for Dior Beauty; Supermom to Eve, 13, and Tom, 11.
“My wish for Mother’s Day is simple. I’m a sucker for a hand-made card and a big long hug. I have a collection of cards from throughout the years that I keep in a special box I call the “Happy Box.” All the “Happy” Birthday and “Happy” Mother’s Day cards are in there.”

Joanna Austin
Founder of TENOH8* Consulting; Supermom of Jack, 5, and Parker, 4.
“As very pregnant (35+ weeks) as I am with my third, a good long massage sounds heavenly. However, I would gladly forego the massage to celebrate Mother’s Day by being a mother. I know, cue a roll of the eyes, but my sons are at really fun ages. The way they look at the world is exciting and new and their imaginations are so vivid. It’s hard not to get lost in their world, so I’d love to spend the day with my boys exploring Central Park as storm troopers and battle droids, then cook up a meal with them as my sous chefs. They’re budding chefs. but they’ve yet to perfect cracking eggs—Parker says the extra crunch is good for you.

Isabel Burton
Executive Editor of SELF Magazine; Supermom to Axel, 6.
“I really want to spend the day walking through the Botanical Gardens with my family and have a contraband picnic in the cherry orchard. You’re not totally officially allowed to eat there, but we are very crafty. Walk until we are hungry again, then come home and open a bottle of something great, maybe bubbly, and eat a ton of olives and other hors d’oeuvre-y food.”

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