Multi-Tasking Beauty Tip: Workout + Hair Treatment

Multi-Tasking Beauty Tip: Workout + Hair Treatment

I bet you’re a major multi-tasker. Who isn’t these days, especially supermoms? Here’s a cool new multi-tasking beauty tip I’ve come up with.

After years of interviewing the best hairstylists in the business on how to take the best care of your hair, and repeatedly hearing over and over again to apply a hair mask, then hit it with heat for 10 or 15 minutes (presumably with a blow-dryer in your bathroom), I’ve finally figured out how to work this in my week—because honestly, where would I get 15 minutes to stand in the bathroom heating up my hair mask? I’d just be stressing about all the other—arguably more important (though shiny, bouncy hair is a necessity)—things on my to-do list.

So here’s what I’ve discovered. Now that the weather is warm, I’ve gotten into the habit of applying a nourishing hair oil to my hair before I go out for a morning run. The sun, humidity, and even my own body heat all help to warm up the nourishing ingredients so they seep deep into my hair. I wash it all out in my post-workout shower, then put a little conditioner on my ends, rinse and voila—gorgeous, shiny hair.

My favorite hair elixir right now is Leonor Greyl Regenerescence Naturelle, $50, a purifying scalp oil full of essential and botanical oils that treat scalp deficiencies and stimulate hair growth. Scarily, I’m starting to notice a little bit of hair thinning. (If you are too, read my supermom post on Genevieve Monsma, Beauty Director of More magazine, on how she reversed her thinning hair issues). Not only does this hair oil smell like a spa, but it’s loaded with jojoba oil to soften, nourish and improve shine, borage oil and chili rose to rejuvenate and stimulate hair renewal and various other essential oils from the seeds of flowers, fruits and other plants that all do good things for your hair. C’est magnifique!

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