Anti-aging serums that are supermom-approved.

Supermom-Approved Anti-Aging Serums

One product every supermom has in her skincare arsenal: an anti-aging serum. The latest formulas are lightweight, yet loaded with powerful ingredients that reduce fine lines and age spots, improve skin firmness and boost hydration for a radiant glow. Here’s a quick round up of some favorites from our inspiring supermoms.

Sonia Kashuk uses serums more than any other skincare product because she say she needs a lot of hydration throughout her day. She loves Shiseido Future Solutions LX Ultimate Regenerating Serum, $225. Not only does this serum smell great but it gives your skin a radiant glow because it’s formulated with Soft Glow Powder and doesn’t have parabens and sulfates.

Joanna Vargas, New York City based spa owner and skincare guru to celebrity moms like Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Julianne Moore, says that her serum JVC Daily Serum, $85, is “green juice for the skin.” It has chlorophyll and oat grass juice, so it oxygenates your skin, perfect for the hot summer days ahead.

Cheryl Kramer, Executive Beauty Director of both Star and SHAPE magazines swears by  Olay Regenerist Serum, $22. “If I could have hot, cold and  Olay Regenerist Serum faucets on my bathroom sink, I’d be happy. I mix it with all my favorite skincare products and sunscreen” Use it once or twice daily alone or before applying moisturizer.

Rochelle Jacobs, Managing Director of the June Jacobs Spa Collection loves the June Jacobs Elastin Collagen Serum, $130. “I used it all winter because that crazy weather really dried out my skin,” she said. This anti-aging serum has Vitamin C, goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed oils and tea extracts to repair damaged cells, and improve skin firmness and hydration. Now we understand why Rochelle has perfect skin and doesn’t use foundation!

Do you have a favorite anti-aging serum? Tell us! Also,  check out 5 Supermom-Aprroved Mascaras and Supermom-Approved Concealers .

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