The S.H.E. Summit 2014 and CoverGirl's Girls CAN Movement

The S.H.E. Summit 2014 and CoverGirl’s Girls CAN Movement

claudia chanLast week I attended the third annual S.H.E. Summit 2014: Global Women’s Leadership and Lifestyle Event at the 92Y. The S.H.E. (She Helps Empower) Summit was founded in 2012 by Claudia Chan, a PR executive turned motivational leader. Her goal with the S.H.E. Summit is to expose women to diverse and successful female role models in order for them to meet their full potential and achieve their dreams. Claudia does this with successful, powerful and inspirational women in a vast assortment of industries who share their advice, confidence-building stories and strategies, tools for professional growth and their positive words of encouragement. CoverGirl was an official Women’s Empowerment Partner of this year’s summit and few months ago they launched their #GirlsCan Movement (watch their motivational video starring their CoverGirl’s below). Their mission for their movement is for women to over come barriers and empower the next generation of women to rock the world.

As I sat there in the auditorium filled with women who were powerful, successful and inspirational, I found myself getting choked up at times listening to their stories and words of advice. Just like anyone else, I sometimes find it really hard to stay positive and keep moving towards my goals and dreams. I have my days where I’m not sure what my next steps should be and it would be a lot easier to just settle. But I know in the back of my mind, I need to stay determined, ambitious and persevere.

All the speakers where remarkable, but the one I found to be the most impactful was French fashion designer Catherine Malandrino on CoverGirl’s Girls Can panel “Breaking Barriers: How To Remove CAN’T From The Conversation,” Catherine believes that every woman should have a dream to push boundaries and grow.  “Having a dream is the most powerful thing you can have because no one can take that away from you. Even though dreams are hard to keep alive, because naturally you run into a lot of problems, if you keep them alive, you will succeed,” she said. Catherine said that having a dream is an art and people need to practice it more. Along your journey to achieving your dream, you’ll meet people who tell you “no” and say you “can’t,” but you need to listen to what they’re saying and grow from it. You’ll have fears, but you need to face them because the next day you’ll feel even stronger than you have ever before. Use the drive inside you to do this.

I’d also like to share these words of wisdom from Claudia Chan that are still ringing in my ears:

10 Mantras To Keep In Mind When Pursuing Your Dream
1) Dream big with passion and purpose.
2) We cannot become what we do not believe.
3) We can only be what we see, we become the company we keep.
4) Self-care comes first.
5) The more you pursue your dreams, the more courage you get because with every “yes” you get, there are 10 “no’s.” Remember that things show up for a reason, to tell you something, to make you stronger and guide you in the right direction and remind you to be flexible.
6) Positive attitude creates positive results. Energy is important and precious.
7) Count your blessings and have some faith.
8) Every meeting is a time to learn and teach. Every experience is a learning opportunity.
9) Advertise your work and ask for help.
10) Have self-love. Be kind to yourself and don’t give in to the pressure to be perfect. We are the only ones running in our race, even if we are at different places and paces, it’s because we are all on different paths.

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