A makeover story on going short.

The Power Of A Short Hair Makeover

After years of holding on to her long, thin hair for dear life, my sister, Hilary Hayes, (a.k.a. the best interior designer in Los Angeles, shown above at left), finally lopped off 8 inches to go for a super chic Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie hairstyle. She had been building up this Pinterest board of short hairstyles for a year, until one day she announced she was ready to make the cut. I told her to hold the phone and dialed up Genevieve Monsma, Beauty Director of More magazine (and supermom), to pitch a short hair makeover story. Despite my personal agenda, short hairstyles have been one of the biggest celebrity beauty trends this year and my sister certainly isn’t the only woman scared to make the cut. Genevieve loved the idea, so we found a few more victims, and set up the cut-a-thon with NYC salon owner Nunzio Saviano.

A makeover story on going short.

What could possibly be more fun than cutting off your own sister’s hair?!

A makeover story on going short.

Despite Hilary’s fears of looking like an aging soccer mom, she in fact, has never felt so revitalized, attractive and confident with her new ‘do. The positive impact of her makeover, both physically and emotionally, was so awesome, I asked her to share her experience a bit. Here’s what she said:

“Some people are meant to have long hair, and some aren’t, yet they hold on to that fantasy, like I did for the last 10 years. I finally realized I was living a lie. I had short hair in my 20s, but then grew it out to be more of a lady, woman, attractive to men? Now, I don’t care what men think. I’m at the age where I’ll do what makes me feel best. When my long stringy hair was down, I felt like a 46 year old trying to look 25. It wasn’t me. My hair had no individuality, no personality. My hair was up every single day because it had more style when it was tied up than when it was down.

However, I was afraid a pixie would make me look like a soccer mom. If not done right, I was afraid of looking older and unfashionable. But guess what? Now strangers compliment me on my hair! Before cutting all my hair off, I was using Rogaine because it looked like I was losing hair. I wasn’t. Turns out that it just doesn’t grow out in a full way anymore, but I wasn’t losing anything at the roots. Now I have the thickest head of hair and it even looks better the day after washing it. And yes, it’s dried and styled in less than 4 minutes.

I am myself now. I accept I will not have Jennifer Anniston’s hair. Ever. I will have MY hair. Forever.

P.S. I’m getting asked out on more dates than ever! Who knew? ;)”

Hillary's Makeover 3 copy

If you’ve been contemplating a shorter haircut, if this isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is! Check out this post to see the other woman who lopped over some major length. Seeing Hilary so happy with her hair inspired me to get my own short hair makeover, though not as drastic, equally satisfying. Want to see it? Click over to The Best Anti-Aging Hairstyle Ever.


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