Charlotte's Book is a new aesthetics and wellness resource, listing the best experts in your city.

Have You Met Charlotte Yet?

You know those moments when life gets so busy that some of your projects, no matter how much you love them, have to take a backseat because your bandwidth can only stretch so far? I use the term supermom with the best intentions—to describe moms who not only manage their family, but are also dedicated to their jobs, whether that’s in an office, hospital, consulting, volunteering, etc. I certainly don’t use the word supermom to imply that the best working mothers are the ones who do everything, all the time, with little help, and lots of smiles—that’s impossible! Some things just have to fall off the grid when life piles up. Such has been my case with Pretty Impressed these past few months…but I have something awesome to show for it:

Introducing….Charlotte’s Book.

Have you ever thought about going to a cosmetic dermatologist to try one of the latest cosmetic procedures, like Botox, laser resurfacing or a dermal filler, but had no idea who to go or what to consider doing? It’s a scary decision to figure out who will shoot a needle full of a toxin that paralyzes your facial muscles into your forehead. Or who will wield a burning laser beam across your face? Maybe you’ve contemplated seeing a nutritionist or a health coach, but there are so many out there, who is really worth the time and money? Many women start this type of self-improvement search, but then give up because the web is flooded with too much information, especially bad info, and an overwhelming amount of options. No one has the time to do all the research and cut through all clutter.

Here’s how Charlotte’s Book solves this growing problem.

At the heart of Charlotte’s Book is The Book, a listing of the best experts by city. We launched in New York City, but will be branching out to more cities in 2015. It’s important to note that experts can’t buy their way into The Book. They must be invited, once we’ve vetted their qualifications according to our strict code—integrity is of the utmost important to us.

Charlotte’s Book also has The Arsenal, full of doc-vetted reviews of the most popular aesthetic and wellness treatments and procedures, detailing what to expect during and after the treatment, risks, costs and which other procedures to consider in comparison. And of course, there’s a huge editorial section, Charlotte’s Pages, updated daily covering the latest trends, product reviews, tips and breaking news in anti-aging, aesthetics, nutrition and wellness.

Like many successful business, the idea of Charlotte’s Book was born from personal need. Founder Robin Shobin was a busy executive on Wall Street and wanted to do more than her at-home routine to care for her skin, but she couldn’t find a trustworthy resource that had all the in-depth information she was looking for. She also had little personal time to do the research, yet she set out investigating who’s who in New York, and rounded up an amazing group of cosmetic dermatologists, aestheticians, nutritionists, acupuncturists, herbalists, physiotherapists, cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Many of the experts are leaders in their respective field whom I’ve interviewed several times for the countless beauty stories I’ve written throughout my career as as beauty editor. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed!

Knowing that other women could benefit from this resource, Robin created Charlotte’s Book. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her these past few months and am proud to say that it’s like no other beauty site out there (and there are a lot). No one dives into skincare, cosmetic dermatology and wellness like we do—it’s truly the best anti-aging website out there. Please sign up for The Weekly Edit newsletter so we can send you our latest stories.

Now that Charlotte’s Book is up and running, I can finally find more balance between my online loves. I’ll be sharing a lot of content from Charlotte here, particularly the skincare, anti-aging and wellness tips you busy moms need to know about.

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