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Midday Slump S.O.S: Healthy Chocolate

There’s no doubt about it: I’m a chocoholic. Some days, it’s the only thing that will really get me through that mid-afternoon slump. A little chocolate treat can instantly make you feel more energized, happier, and now, even healthier. Chocolatiers are now combining heart-healthy dark chocolate with superfoods, herbal extracts and other mind/body-boosting ingredients using artisanal precision. The result? A delicious guilt-free treat that not only satisfies your sweet tooth, but can also help lift you out of a slump, boost your immune system, fire up your antioxidant levels, reduce the day’s stress load and put a smile on your face.  Stock up on these Charlotte’s Book expert-approved healthy chocolate bars.

healthiest chocolates

Vosges Super Dark Reishi Mushroom & Walnut, $7.50
Medical herbalist Daniela Turley has touted the anti-stress, immune-boosting benefits of reishi mushrooms; so when we spotted it in this savory 72% cocoa dark chocolate bar, we stocked up. It also contains brain-stimulating walnuts, rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Wei of Chocolate Wei Inspired, $30 for 28 pieces.
“Infused with flower essences to activate creativity, I have these chocolates to thank for the so-much-cooler version of my upcoming book. I was enjoying a few pieces when I got the creative download. They are now part of my writing ritual (any excuse for chocolate)!” says nutritionist Dana James. Wei Inspired is 72% cacao dark chocolate, infused with 250 million year old Himalayan pink salt and flower essences (Pink Primrose, Date and Fire Star Orchid) that encourage mental clarity and ideaphoria.

The Organic Pharmacy Glamour Food Chocolate Bar, $5.50.
This handmade raw chocolate combines unheated, unprocessed organic cacao (translation: all the powerful nutrients are totally intact) with superberries such as Goji, Acai, Blueberries and Cranberries. It’s also sugar free, dairy free and made with coconut butter. The Organic Pharmacy can barely keep it in stock!

Aloha superfood chocolate

Aloha Superfood Chocolate, $9.
60% Peruvian fair-trade organic cacao is combined with superfood greens (read: an added hundred nutrients or so) and a pinch of mineral-rich coconut sugar. P.S. Feel good words like bliss, happy and amaze put a smile on your face before you even take your first bite

vega  maca choclate

Vega Maca Chocolate Bar, $2.99.
Charlotte’s Book Founder Robin Shobin stocks the office snack bowl with Vega Maca Chocolate to keep the team on their A-game—mid-day slumps begone! Each bar contains 70% organic cocoa dark chocolate packed with 4,000mg of organic gelatinized maca, which has been shown to balance, invigorate and energize body and mind.

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