Spring Break Self Tanner

The Self-Tanner That Saved Me On Spring Break

I’m not a huge fan of self-tanners, but I do love that sun-kissed glow. After having spent several months under layers and layers of winter clothes in the East Coast deep freeze, it was a shock when I headed out to Santa Barbara for spring break and realized just how white and pasty my body...

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Sharon Bartley Amazing Babysitter NYC

How To Find The World’s Best Babysitter

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was the Beauty Director of Cosmopolitan magazine—a fun job, but also a demanding one, that often started with business breakfasts at 8 a.m. and ended with cocktail parties at 8 p.m. I will never forget the fear I had as I was reaching the end of...

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Learn about the benefits of rose skin care

Winter Skin Rehab: Rose To The Rescue

Finally, it seems that winter is behind us. But even though the temps are getting warmer, I bet your complexion is still feeling the wrath of a long winter. There’s nothing worse that waking up to dry, red, irritated, blotchy skin. To the rescue: Skincare elixirs based on the curative powers of rose are extremely healing...

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healthiest chocolate

Midday Slump S.O.S: Healthy Chocolate

There’s no doubt about it: I’m a chocoholic. Some days, it’s the only thing that will really get me through that mid-afternoon slump. A little chocolate treat can instantly make you feel more energized, happier, and now, even healthier. Chocolatiers are now combining heart-healthy dark chocolate with superfoods, herbal extracts and other mind/body-boosting ingredients using artisanal precision. The...

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Taylor Swift Cute Kitten

Beware Of The Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners

If you’re the mother of a young girl, if she’s anything like my Amelia, googling “cute kittens” or “Taylor Swift” are two of her favorite past times. If Amelia fell upon this ad, she’d think she hit the jackpot! So what’s wrong here? After reading this article...

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Charlotte's Book is a new aesthetics and wellness resource, listing the best experts in your city.

Have You Met Charlotte Yet?

You know those moments when life gets so busy that some of your projects, no matter how much you love them, have to take a backseat because your bandwidth can only stretch so far? I use the term supermom with the best intentions—to describe moms who not only manage their family, but are also dedicated...

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Supermom Lauren Brody shares her time management, beauty and fashion tips.

Lauren Brody of Glamour on Time Management, One-Step Dressing and Look-Alive Beauty Tricks

There are two situations in which I hang out with Lauren Smith Brody, Executive Editor of Glamour. We’re either chatting while chasing our kids around a playdate or party, or we’re quickly catching up in her office when I go in to help out on Read More >

Most Flattering Blouses

The Anatomy Of A Figure Flattering Blouse

Don’t you just love clothes that fit you so well, you never have to worry about how you’ll look in them—especially when you don’t feel like you’re on you’re A-game? Building a wardrobe that’s flattering, versatile and makes you feel confident is crucial for crazy busy moms.

Owning a few figure flattering blouses that work with...

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Sonia Kashuk built an incredible cosmetics business at Target while raising her two children.

Sonia Kashuk On Controlling Destiny, Obsessing Over Skincare and Loving Tinted Eyeglasses

When I was a beauty assistant at Cosmo, one of my duties was to get the makeup credits for cover shoots. More often than not, Sonia Kashuk was the makeup artist. She was hot hot hot! Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Oscar de le Renta, Marc Jacobs, Cindy Crawford—the best always asked for her. But, she’s...

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A makeover story on going short.

The Power Of A Short Hair Makeover

After years of holding on to her long, thin hair for dear life, my sister, Hilary Hayes, (a.k.a. the best interior designer in Los Angeles, shown above at left), finally lopped off 8 inches to go for a super chic Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie hairstyle. She had been building up Read More >