French Anti-Aging Beauty Tips

Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets Of French Women

Happy Bastille Day! Ever since my mom moved to France when I was 8 years old, I’ve split my time living between New York and Paris. I love both cities and both cultures. Each have their strengths (and weaknesses), but there’s no denying that the French have a special way of savoring the good things in life—food, vacation, and...

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Melissa Doft's expert skincare tips on how to use retinol and sunscreen.

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips From Top NYC Plastic Surgeon Melissa Doft

When I think of a plastic surgeon, an old grey-haired man wearing glasses and a white lab coat comes to mind—along with images of Joan Rivers’ skin pulled so tightly behind her ears you could bounce a quarter off her cheeks. The minute I met Melissa Doft, MD, a...

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Multi-Tasking Beauty Tip: Workout + Hair Treatment

Multi-Tasking Beauty Tip: Workout + Hair Treatment

I bet you’re a major multi-tasker. Who isn’t these days, especially supermoms? Here’s a cool new multi-tasking beauty tip I’ve come up with.

After years of interviewing the best hairstylists in the business on how to take the best care of your hair, and repeatedly hearing over and over again to apply a hair mask, then...

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Easy dental hygiene tips for the whole family

8 Easy Ways For The Whole Family To Have A Healthy Smile

As soon as the alarm clock goes off in the morning, the day’s race begins, for the whole family. Even my 3-year old can be rushed to get to preschool on time! Horribly, I often find myself zipping through the toothbrush routine—and telling my kids to speed it up too. On the flip side, at night,...

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We love ban total refresh cooling body cloths.

I Love It! Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths

In an ideal world, I’d be able to take a shower every morning, especially on those days when I have a big meeting. But in the real world, that’s a pipe dream.  At least one or two mornings a week get sidetracked at the last minute, either by one of my kids getting sick or...

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Tip To Find The Best Summer Camp For Your Kids

How To Find The Perfect Summer Camp For Your Child

My daughter Amelia had a horrible experience the first time she went to summer camp. It wasn’t the camp’s fault. It was mine. I was rushed (as usual) with figuring out a plan and signed her up for a day camp that was popular with some other kids in her school without really thinking about what...

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Mother's Day gift ideas.

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Yes, a fragrance is a lovely gift for Mother’s Day. So is a sparkly new pair of earrings or colorful spring scarf. I personally have a Vitamix on my list. (I bought the Nutribullet last fall, and while I love it, it’s not big enough to whip up Read More >

Our favorite nude nail polishes for every skin tone.

I Love It! Best Nude Nail Polishes

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of taking my own nail polish to the salon for manicures. My nails have been peeling lately, which make the polish prone to chipping, no matter what brand I use. When I bring my own colors, I can quickly touch up any chips throughout the week, which makes the...

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How to help the homeless with your kids in an impactful way and still have fun.

How To Help The Homeless and Have Fun

Do you ever unintentionally overschedule yourself? I signed myself and Amelia up to volunteer at a men’s overnight shelter in our neighborhood on the same day that I also said I’d host one of her Brownie Troop meets. Of course, I didn’t even realize this when I was making those commitments. While I was thinking...

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Rochelle Jacobs shares her beauty and fashion must-haves and how she raises her two boys.

Rochelle Jacobs On Being Fearless, Hoarding Bright Dresses And Managing Sensitive Skin

Spend one hour with Rochelle Jacobs, Managing Director of June Jacobs Spa Collection, and you’ll feel like you can take on anything. Seriously. Fearless is her favorite word and her energy is contagious. In 1999, Rochelle left the finance world (Lehman Brothers, Viacom) to work with her mother, June Jacobs,...

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