Anti-aging serums that are supermom-approved.

Supermom-Approved Anti-Aging Serums

One product every supermom has in her skincare arsenal: an anti-aging serum. The latest formulas are lightweight, yet loaded with powerful ingredients that reduce fine lines and age spots, improve skin firmness and boost hydration for a radiant glow. Here’s a quick round up of some favorites from our inspiring supermoms.


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Multi-Tasking Beauty Tip: Workout + Hair Treatment

Multi-Tasking Beauty Tip: Workout + Hair Treatment

I bet you’re a major multi-tasker. Who isn’t these days, especially supermoms? Here’s a cool new multi-tasking beauty tip I’ve come up with.

After years of interviewing the best hairstylists in the business on how to take the best care of your hair, and repeatedly hearing over and over again to apply a hair mask, then...

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Easy dental hygiene tips for the whole family

8 Easy Ways For The Whole Family To Have A Healthy Smile

As soon as the alarm clock goes off in the morning, the day’s race begins, for the whole family. Even my 3-year old can be rushed to get to preschool on time! Horribly, I often find myself zipping through the toothbrush routine—and telling my kids to speed it up too. On the flip side, at night,...

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We love ban total refresh cooling body cloths.

I Love It! Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths

In an ideal world, I’d be able to take a shower every morning, especially on those days when I have a big meeting. But in the real world, that’s a pipe dream.  At least one or two mornings a week get sidetracked at the last minute, either by one of my kids getting sick or...

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Our favorite nude nail polishes for every skin tone.

I Love It! Best Nude Nail Polishes

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of taking my own nail polish to the salon for manicures. My nails have been peeling lately, which make the polish prone to chipping, no matter what brand I use. When I bring my own colors, I can quickly touch up any chips throughout the week, which makes the...

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Our favorite travel size beauty products for spring break.

Packing For Spring Break? We Love These Travel Size Beauty Products

There’s nothing I love more than getting out of town with the family for a few days. There’s nothing I hate more than packing. Because, of course, I don’t just pack for myself. First, I do the kids. Then I worry about all the stuff we need on the airplane like snacks, iPhone apps, crayons,...

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The best supermom cleanse.

Best Supermom Cleanse: Kaeng Raeng 3 Day Detox

Last week two important deliveries arrived. Amelia’s Girl Scouts cookies (12 cases!) and my Kaeng Raeng 3 Day Detox, $80. Doesn’t this sum up the nutritional struggles of a supermom? Actually, the cookie delivery was the last straw to shock me into...

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Rachel Hayes' feature in More Magazine on how to find the perfect short haircut.

Short Hair Is Still Hot. Are You Thinking Of Making The Cut?

My latest magazine feature is all thanks to my sister, Hilary Hayes, 44. She has thin hair that looked stringy as soon as it grew past her shoulders. She had been building this Pinterest board of short hairstyles for a year, until she called me one day and...

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Our favorite beauty budget buys for spring.

Best Spring Beauty Budget Buys

Spring has finally sprung—well, kind of. While we all grin-and-bear-it through these last few days of snow, wind and frigid temperatures, take advantage of being indoors to do a little spring cleaning. Throw out any old, gunky beauty products in your bathroom and make room for our favorite new spring beauty budget buys.  From refreshing...

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Red carpet glowing skin secrets from two Hollywood moms.

Red Carpet Glowing Skin Secrets

With little teases of sporadic spring weather, we’re starting to panic (just a little) about how pale and pasty our skin will look when it’s finally time to wear a dress without tights. But we’re actually not that scared, because we’ve been saving these red carpet glowing skin secrets for a sunny day.

The Quickest...

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