Meredith Geller, HHC, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant shows Amelia and Lucy how to make a delicious nutrient-rich smoothie.

My Kids Drank Lettuce—And Loved It!

I’ve been obsessed with getting a NutriBullet ($99), after having read countless articles on why it’s so great. This blending/juicing system has an “extractor” blade that quickly breaks down vegetables and fruits (skin, cores, seeds, stems and all) which produces a healthier drink than pressed juices because you get...

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Amelia Gayle used Ciaté Colorfoil Manicure to create an easy nail art effect.

World’s Easiest Nail Art Kit: Ciaté Colorfoil Manicure

There’s no shortage of nail polish in my household. In fact, Amelia has become quite the nail artiste, attempting more and more detailed manis—which generally leads to big a mess on the kitchen table. When Ciaté sent me their Very Colourfoil Manicure kit, $19, of course we...

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During the month of September, which Children's Cancer Awareness Month, Votre Vu created the French Kiss Limited Edition Hope Trio, $59, and for each sale, will donate $3 to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to treat and cure pediatric cancers. And the shades are really basic neturals every woman should have in their purse: Loulou, a delicate pink, Babette, an everyday bronzed neutral and Claire, a cool, bronzy shimmer.

Color It Forward

Has your kid ever had an accident where for a moment you feared the worst? All of sudden, nothing else in the world matters more than your child’s health. Once the scare is over, you count your blessings that everything is OK and give your child extra kisses and hugs at bedtime.

Every weekday, 46 children...

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Yes To Cucumbers new Body Wash in Blueberry, Cucumber, Grapefruit and Carrot.

Yes To Body Wash For The Whole Family

I edited a Glamour Beauty Star story a few months ago that featured Jennifer Connelly, who has three kids that span the ages of two to sixteen years old. She’s so naturally beautiful that she didn’t have a complicated beauty regimen to dish about, but there was one tip that I really appreciated. She likes...

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Spa Party

Spa Party! At-Home Facial Masks For Girls

Did you know that the Girl Scouts has a “Spa Party” badge? I had no idea until Amelia came home waving it in the air and raving about how much fun she had making facial masks with food ingredients, especially chocolate (that’s my girl!). She immediately wanted to raid the kitchen cabinets to crank out...

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Lucy at the beach

How To Apply Sunscreen To Your Kids

I’ll never forget the first time we took Amelia to the beach. We were so excited and I slathered her up in sunscreen. After five minutes of getting there, she had so much sand stuck to her, she looked like a sculpture, then she yawned and rubbed her eyes which got them filled with sunscreen...

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amelia main

The Trick To A Great At-Home Haircut

I love Amelia’s hair when it’s long. It’s so thick and shiny—but that’s only when she combs it, which is NEVER. (I bribed her with M&Ms to take this photo.) We both decided it was time for her to go a little shorter so that we can take a break from me chasing her menacingly...

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