Our favorite travel size beauty products for spring break.

Packing For Spring Break? We Love These Travel Size Beauty Products

There’s nothing I love more than getting out of town with the family for a few days. There’s nothing I hate more than packing. Because, of course, I don’t just pack for myself. First, I do the kids. Then I worry about all the stuff we need on the airplane like snacks, iPhone apps, crayons,...

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My article in Self Magazine about how to take a great profile picture.

How To Look Great In A Photo

Just in time for holiday party pic season, I have an article in the December issue of Self about How To Love Your New Profile Pic, featuring a ton of great tips on how to pose like a natural-born pro. You’ll find some great recommendations...

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Christie Brinkley and Pretty Impressed founder Rachel Hayes at the Hair2Wear launch event.

Christie Brinkley On Her New Hair2Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

I would definitely not describe myself as the type of girl who’d wear clip-in hair extensions. Even though hair extensions have been incredibly popular for the past decade and we all know that 99.9% of female celebrities wear some sort of hairpiece when they walk the red carpet, I consider myself to be a few...

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These hairstyling products are raising money throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode Hairspray, The 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Brush, and Cricket Hot PINK! Centrix Q-Zone Dryer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Haircare For A Cure

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. To help put an end to this scary stat, check out these limited edition versions of amazing hairstyling products only available throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each product helps raise funds for lifesaving treatments, research and patient care. Good hair day, good deed, good job!

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The components of the The Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation kit.


As winter slowly rolls in, it’s only natural to stop paying so much attention to your feet since they’ll always be wedged into boots. Hence, the need for presentable polished toes is put on hold until next spring. But watch out—before you know it, your heels can become so rough and cracked, that you’ll feel...

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Best Hair Products For An At-Home Blowout

Best At-Home Blowout: 15-Minutes To A Great Hair Day

Who has 30 minutes in the morning just to blow out their hair? Not me and, I bet, not you. But, as we all know, a great hair day makes you feel more confident, energized and outgoing, while bad hair days make you want throw a paper bag over your head. Thanks to some ingenious...

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Elaine D'Farley, SELF Beauty Director

Elaine D’Farley On Adoption, SELF and Her Dress Code

When Elaine D’Farley, SELF Magazine’s Beauty Director, arrived for our interview, the contents of her overflowing purse reflects everything that Pretty Impressed is about. “I have Izze’s library books and a T-shirt for her performance that she forgot this morning, the last 3 issues of SELF because I have a ton of meetings...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Makeup For The Cure

One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. That’s pretty scary. Help the fight to find a cure this Breast Cancer Awareness month by buying any of these best-sellers that are donating funds to help research and treatments. Look good, feel good!

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New York Fashion Week Supermoms

Supermoms of New York Fashion Week

I’ve been covering Fashion Week ever since 1994 when it first started showing in Bryant Park and I was an intern at New York One News. Now, 19 years later (gulp), I’m still backstage talking to designers, hairstylists, makeup artists and publicists about the season’s latest trends. Back then I wanted to know about all...

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The Best Tote Bag & On-The-Go Beauty

There’s nothing more annoying, especially when you’re in a rush, than to have to change your tote bag before running out the door—frantically chucking your daily necessities from one to the other, just so that you feel good about your bag either matching your outfit, mood or the day’s schlepping demands. I get so excited...

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