Most Flattering Blouses

The Anatomy Of A Figure Flattering Blouse

Don’t you just love clothes that fit you so well, you never have to worry about how you’ll look in them—especially when you don’t feel like you’re on you’re A-game? Building a wardrobe that’s flattering, versatile and makes you feel confident is crucial for crazy busy moms.

Owning a few figure flattering blouses that work with...

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Supermom Celebrity Esthetician Joanna Vargas

Celebrity Esthetician Joanna Vargas On Tired Skin, Fast Makeup and Chic’n’Easy Fashion

I’ve written several skincare articles over the past few months (Allure, Self, MSN among others) and there’s one esthetician who is always on the editor’s recommended source list: Joanna Vargas, New York City based spa owner and skincare guru to celebrity moms like Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Julianne Moore....

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These are the best fall tights for your body shape.

Fall Tights for Every Body Shape

Are you starting to feel the chill yet? We are! Supermom and style expert Jacqui Stafford has some excellent Hot Hosiery For Your Shape tips on her blog. Whether you’re...

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French publicist Celine Kaplan loves to live in color.

Dare To Wear Color Like Celine Kaplan

Like most Manhattanites, I live in black. When I don’t know what to wear, I wear black. When I know exactly what I want to wear, it’s usually black. I go for black mostly because it’s slimming and versatile, but it’s also because I find color intimidating. Yet recently, I’m getting a little bored with...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Makeup For The Cure

One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. That’s pretty scary. Help the fight to find a cure this Breast Cancer Awareness month by buying any of these best-sellers that are donating funds to help research and treatments. Look good, feel good!

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Karlie Kloss Fall Trends 2013


It’s starting to feel a lot like fall—and I think I’m ready for it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll squeeze every second out of summer and will cry the day it’s too cold to wear sandals, but NYC can be very energizing in September. Kids are back at school, everyone’s rejuvenated from their vacations, Fashion...

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