At the 2014 Golden Globes, a major lip trend on the red carpet was bright lips in orange, red and pink.

Red Carpet Recap: Best Bright Lips At The 2014 Golden Globes

I’m falling in love with lipstick later in life. But that’s no surprise. I think many women do as they feel the need for a little extra pop of color to bring a radiant, healthy glow to their complexion. It’s the quickest anti-aging makeup trick ever! And, as expected on the red carpet, there was...

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Nivea has a new Style Uncapped program where you can customize the cap.

Awesome Customized Gift Idea: Nivea Style Uncapped

Have you ever been in this situation: Your sister, best friend, or some other really close woman in your life is about to reach a major milestone—like get married, have a baby or relocate for an awesome new job—and you know that it’s your “job” to throw her the right party for the occasion. Yet,...

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moms night out

Post Mom’s Night Out Rx

A few things are certain to happen when a bunch of mom’s get together for dinner:
• A lot of lively commentaries about various school things.
• Updates on the latest outrageous acts of the mean girl at work. (Yes, they still exist.)
• Hilarious story about how someone’s husband screwed something up (i.e. used...

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