Spring Break Self Tanner

The Self-Tanner That Saved Me On Spring Break

I’m not a huge fan of self-tanners, but I do love that sun-kissed glow. After having spent several months under layers and layers of winter clothes in the East Coast deep freeze, it was a shock when I headed out to Santa Barbara for spring break and realized just how white and pasty my body...

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Red carpet glowing skin secrets from two Hollywood moms.

Red Carpet Glowing Skin Secrets

With little teases of sporadic spring weather, we’re starting to panic (just a little) about how pale and pasty our skin will look when it’s finally time to wear a dress without tights. But we’re actually not that scared, because we’ve been saving these red carpet glowing skin secrets for a sunny day.

The Quickest...

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The face lotions also have just enough self-tanner to give you a subtle glow: Dr. Gross, St. Tropez, Jergens Natural Glow

Best Anti-Aging Glotions: Self-Tanner + Face Lotion

I remember years ago when the first face lotions that were formulated with a bit of self-tanner were launched—really a genius concept! But, they still stank and made you look more orange than golden. Well, that was then, and this is now. Here are three new “glotions” that give you a great, natural-looking glow, actually...

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