Melissa Doft's expert skincare tips on how to use retinol and sunscreen.

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips From Top NYC Plastic Surgeon Melissa Doft

When I think of a plastic surgeon, an old grey-haired man wearing glasses and a white lab coat comes to mind—along with images of Joan Rivers’ skin pulled so tightly behind her ears you could bounce a quarter off her cheeks. The minute I met Melissa Doft, MD, a...

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Anti-aging serums that are supermom-approved.

Supermom-Approved Anti-Aging Serums

One product every supermom has in her skincare arsenal: an anti-aging serum. The latest formulas are lightweight, yet loaded with powerful ingredients that reduce fine lines and age spots, improve skin firmness and boost hydration for a radiant glow. Here’s a quick round up of some favorites from our inspiring supermoms.


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Our favorite travel size beauty products for spring break.

Packing For Spring Break? We Love These Travel Size Beauty Products

There’s nothing I love more than getting out of town with the family for a few days. There’s nothing I hate more than packing. Because, of course, I don’t just pack for myself. First, I do the kids. Then I worry about all the stuff we need on the airplane like snacks, iPhone apps, crayons,...

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Supermom Cheryl Kramer Kaye, Executive Beauty Director of Star and Shape Magazines and mom of twins.

Cheryl Kramer Kaye On Twins, Two Jobs (Shape & Star Magazines) and Hanging Her Head Upside Down

Two jobs, two kids—it’s no wonder that Cheryl Kramer Kaye‘s only “me time” is somewhere between midnight and 4 a.m. As the Executive Beauty Director of both Star and SHAPE magazines, Cheryl spends her days racing around New York City networking with...

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Need some anti-aging skincare tips for the first sight of fine lines?


As if running between work commitments and family demands 14 hours a day isn’t exhausting enough, at some point, plain old aging exacerbates all your signs of fatigue—including dull skin and wrinkles. I recently wrote an anti-aging skincare piece for You Beauty called Read More >

Women's Health Magazine October 2013 Workout Skincare

Redness Relief Skincare Tips That Work

Ever since I had Lucy, my second child, running has been the best workout for my unpredictable schedule and daunting weight loss goals. That’s because I can do it whenever I can squeeze in the time and there’s no doubt that it burns massive calories. (I like that it’s free too.)

Like many other crazy busy...

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Kate Foster Beachwear O'Neill J.Crew Bikini MD Moms

The Rashguard As Beach Cover Up

Few of us probably feel honestly confident and comfortable running after our kids in a bathing suit—even though we should be! And while I’m a fan of figure-flattering one-pieces (see Summer Must-Have: New Shapewear Swimsuits), here’s another strategy from supermom Read More >



This #selfie of me sleeping with Lucy sums up my sleep life: The smile on my face shows the love. The wrinkles around my eyes show the exhaustion! Not that any crazy busy mom doesn’t already know this, but it’s always satisfying when hard science proves a hunch: A new study conducted by the University...

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Rachel Hayes and Amelia Gayle on the beach

Alert! Sun Damaged Skin Can Hamper Your Sense Of Touch

Don’t you just absolutely cherish those moments on the beach when your kid stops running around everywhere to snuggle up with you for a little rest? It’s rare, but it’s heaven for every minute it lasts. There is nothing more scrumptious than the soft skin of your own baby, not matter how old he or...

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The Best Tote Bag & On-The-Go Beauty

There’s nothing more annoying, especially when you’re in a rush, than to have to change your tote bag before running out the door—frantically chucking your daily necessities from one to the other, just so that you feel good about your bag either matching your outfit, mood or the day’s schlepping demands. I get so excited...

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