Our favorite travel size beauty products for spring break.

Packing For Spring Break? We Love These Travel Size Beauty Products

There’s nothing I love more than getting out of town with the family for a few days. There’s nothing I hate more than packing. Because, of course, I don’t just pack for myself. First, I do the kids. Then I worry about all the stuff we need on the airplane like snacks, iPhone apps, crayons,...

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Kate Foster Beachwear O'Neill J.Crew Bikini MD Moms

The Rashguard As Beach Cover Up

Few of us probably feel honestly confident and comfortable running after our kids in a bathing suit—even though we should be! And while I’m a fan of figure-flattering one-pieces (see Summer Must-Have: New Shapewear Swimsuits), here’s another strategy from supermom Read More >

Self August Issue 2013 Save Your Skin by Rachel Hayes

This Instant Wrinkle Fix Is So Simple, You’ll Be Amazed!

I researched and wrote an anti-aging skincare article in the August 2013 issue of Self  (it just hit newsstands!) and spent a lot of time chatting with some of New York City’s best dermatologists, like Dr. Jeannette Graf, Dr. Neal Schultz, and Dr. Ellen Marmur. Of course, I can’t spill the beans on all...

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Rachel Hayes and Amelia Gayle on the beach

Alert! Sun Damaged Skin Can Hamper Your Sense Of Touch

Don’t you just absolutely cherish those moments on the beach when your kid stops running around everywhere to snuggle up with you for a little rest? It’s rare, but it’s heaven for every minute it lasts. There is nothing more scrumptious than the soft skin of your own baby, not matter how old he or...

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Even though you probably already have several lip balms rumbling around the bottom of your bag, there’s a reason why you may need new ones: Do they have sunscreen? I just did a huge round up of new summer products for a Glo.com Pool Party beauty story, and really loved...

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Lucy at the beach

How To Apply Sunscreen To Your Kids

I’ll never forget the first time we took Amelia to the beach. We were so excited and I slathered her up in sunscreen. After five minutes of getting there, she had so much sand stuck to her, she looked like a sculpture, then she yawned and rubbed her eyes which got them filled with sunscreen...

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Best Sunscreens For Body

How To Wear Sunscreen So It Really Works: Body

Recently I blogged about my best tips on how to apply sunscreen on your face so that it really works. Now, it’s time to tackle the body. Don’t forget that it’s important to slather yourself with SPF anytime your skin will be exposed to UVA...

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how to apply sunscreen 5-28

How To Wear Sunscreen So It Really Works: Face

I’ve been writing a lot of sun care articles recently and I’ve realized that I haven’t been properly wearing sunscreen all the time, even though I have the best intentions because I know that sun damage is the number one cause of skin cancer, wrinkles and age spots. Sometimes I cut corners because I’m in...

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